Where do you live? (meet other HMF members in person)


Ontario, Canada. Eh.


Oh no, another hoser aye? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll put you in now. Thanks!


Oh cool, I live in Ottawa specifically.


Boo. Go leafs go :sweat_smile:


lol hey, there are more Leafs fans in my family than Sens.


I wouldn’t bet against that. We are everywhere. :grin:


You happy about the Duschene trade? Guy was traded mid game!


It’s my family who are the big hockey fans tbh, I’m not familiar with the recent trade.


:sweden: ­

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I’m a Canadian living in the city of Toronto.

Been living there most of my life. (I was actually born in Belgrade in Serbia) But Toronto is a great city regardless.


I live in Bainbridge,GA US



Thanks for sharing. You’ll be listed very shortly!

That makes 127 members from 35 different countries who shared here. Love it!


Chicago, IL. Currently in college 200 miles away from Chicago haha


Anyone in Hobart, Tasmania?


Is that where you’re at @soundwAve? If so, I assume it’s ok to add you to the list?

You have 6 fellow Aussies

@CDQuestia88, already have you down for Chicago from a post you made in Feb. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1: (Don’t worry, you are not the first to forget they posted here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

REMINDER for all: Easiest way to peruse the full list is simply go to the OP and click on the link provided.


Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind :ok_hand:


So should I put you down for Hobart?


Oh, sorry, yeah, sure, go ahead.


i’m pretty new to this forum, so i don’t know many of you at all, lol… but i do know about meeting people IRL from the gaming scene… i’ve been part of a GTA (and RDR) community for 10 years now, we’re all really close… i’ve met 2 people i game with from that circle… and it’s pretty cool to finally hang out, drink some beers, and have a bitching good time!!

online friends are friends too… i think we’ve all had that one friend who says that doesn’t count… well it does, buddy, chatting online is no different than sitting on the same couch :sunglasses:

i live in michigan, btw… just to keep with the topic title, lol…


Absolutely agree. There are some really great people on here and several I definitely consider true friends.

Btw, I’m a fellow mitten man too. Adding you to the list now. Thanks for sharing!