Where do you live? (meet other HMF members in person)


Wow a very cool list and as I can see there is so much members living in Germany wow lol. If you wish to you can add me too I live near Augsburg but since there is a lot of them already tottally not necessary. Thank you so much.


Thanks @ObiBobi18! I added you to the list.


Another Dutchie here! I live in the cold north in the province of Friesland, in the city of Workum.


thank you so much lol.


Thanks for sharing @Fries00! You’re in too.

I really appreciate everyone who shared here! The more members we get on here, the more opportunities we have to meet each other in person, whether we live close by or in our travels through business or pleasure.

Current count:
Members listed - 137
Countries - 36

Anyone can check the list HERE


Just saw that @Th3m4trixX lives in Stadtlohn. Do you know Jochen Taubert? Hes a Trashmovie Regisseur from Stadtlohn :joy:


No, i don’t🤔 I’ll google him and see if I somehow noticed him
Edit: i think I’ve seen them film a scene, but I’m not sure


Huddersfield UK. I think I’m the first from here?


@FantumX i scrolled through the whole list of people that u made, and to be honest it would be a lot better if u parted all of the countries by continents and plus added flags to each specific country, list will look better and finding specific country will be easier.

Edit. And yeah, dunno why i didn’t mention that, but i live in Tbilisi, so upgrade that also.


I disagree. I believe it looks tidy as it is.


Maybe, but flags will most likely make it better, it was just a suggestion, so Fantum can read it and decide “ok or no” so yeah, appreciate ur opinion btw.


Could you edit my name on the list? My old name was Mister_Rieper and it’s still on the list, in the Germany section. That would be very nice.


@FantumX hey, my info is outdated now. It is now Aranjuez, Spain.


Fantum has been MIA for over 2 months.
Congrats on the move. Hopefully it was a good one.


Yeah whatever happened to FantumX? I will assume and hope only positive developments.


Does anybody go to Moscow? Welcome. I am not going to meet you anyway. But … who knows?!


hows your Studio going? i hope well.


I actually want to visit Moscow one day. Waiting to find some one to travel with that speaks Russian or is at least from there.
Is it safe for tourists?


Yes it is - my brother has been.


It’s the same thing in Norway, we have snow and it’s - 5 celsius during the night, the spring is on it’s way later this week, but this winter have been long and longer than normal :grimacing:.