Where do you live? (meet other HMF members in person)


Yeah; there’s also (unfortunately) mounting racial tensions in my city; but one of my biggest gripes has to be that nobody knows how to fucking drive!


Can you add me in Iran?
I’m actually surprised we have two other people from Iran
I thought it was only me


Hehehe sounds like where I live!
I don’t drive, though, which isn’t the greatest thing ever (though we do have public transportation) but I get the feeling that if I did drive, I would be one of the bad ones, tbh.


Melbourne, Australia. The world’s most livable city until Vienna took the title off us this year.


You Austrians have some pretty places. I went to visit last month Schwarzenegger’s house in Australia :rofl:
I hope you get the joke.


I don’t get it jk


Finland :hugs:

I think i’ve posted on this thread with Postal_Dude


Unfortunately, he’s been M.I.A. since July so list doesn’t get updated.

But I wonder…is it possible for anyone to take control of the list by making a new one? At least until he gets back?


I currently reside in Melbourne too. I wonder if we’re the only two current Melbournians on the forum. I know @Accidental-kills98 hails from Australia too. Adelaide is it?


Yes, I’m in the City of Festivals although no major festivals are occurring, we cluster them in March, most exciting thing happening here right now is the State Library has Confucian artefacts on display.


Rumours are abound of an imminent meeting within the next 4 weeks, though details on this private rendezvous are currently scarce. The ICA is investigating.


Isn’t Adelaide also known as ‘the city of churches’?


Yes indeed it is but being a secular man, I like the festivals more :grinning:


Haha. Fair enough. I have to quote comedian Danny Bhoy on that saying. He responds, ‘I think Rome might have something to say about that.’


Does Adelaide have a comedy festival at all?


The Fringe draws in comedians when it happens but as for a full blown comedy show I think that honour falls to Melbourne

That is not fair they have an entire Vatican as a headstart.




I haven’t met any others at the moment, and I know Accidental is an Aussie. He’s a top bloke in the forum.


Awww that is so darling (Murray-Darling that is :laughing:) Cheers mate!


Let me know if you’d like to collaborate for a Hitman video dude. Seeing as we’re in the same neck of the woods. Maybe a co-op session of HITMAN 2 once it has launched. Let me know what you think through PM’s if you’re keen :+1: