Where does Maelstrom start?

I seem to remember reading somewhere that the Maelstrom has fixed starting positions and presumably routes depending on where 47 starts. Sorry whoever you are, I’d mention you here. Feels almost like cheating but does anyone have a description of this? I still find Mumbai very confusing (so it’s a good challenge!) and that hampers any attempt I make to find order.

I can’t speak for other starting locations but I have noticed he starts very close to you with the trainyard start, you’ll run into him if you head towards the tailor’s from there

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Thanks for that, it’s one I’d noted but I also noted something weird about it. After setting up the Kasmirian to shoot Dawood, I dressed as a Vanya guard of some kind, got a propane tank to go with a breach charge and waited at the entrance to Vanya’s area. I saw a guard near there with the funny walk. Thing is, someone else walked up that hadn’t (I don’t think) been walking in that way and it was him that went into Vanya’s area and turned out to be the Maelstrom, not the one walking quickly.

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Search for the contract Maelstrom Test if you are on pc, if not just create a contract with him as a target. You can find him in instinct mode straight away and on the map, so just use every spawn location, and then check the map/instinct right at the start.


Xbox but as you suggest, make a contract. Very useful, many thanks.

Np, it’s what i did to come up with this maelstrom kill:


good stuff, that, thanks

If you start as a Food Vendor, he seems to always walk across the bridge to your left. Allows for a super quick poison kill


I start in the metal foundry(?). You can go out and to the left, then straight. You should recognize him by the scar on his face, he will be in a different disguise each time, but always in the same place. I…

Place a coin on the ground in front of the restroom, then another on the floor by the (squatting) toilet. You have to do it just at the right time or another NPC will go for it.

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