Where is the code to Rico Delgado's safe?

So when we go to Rico Delgado’s office(the room where you tattoo-kill him) there is a safe there…but I’ve pretty thoroughly explored the map including the underside of the mansion and the surrounding courtyard…hell I’ve even got to the secret room with the sacrificial knife…but I cannot figure out where is the code to that safe and what’s in it.

Now I could just brink in a breaching charge and blow it up but I rather not…I’d really like to know where the code for it can be found proper.

Give Hector Delgardo (his room is on the top floor of the mansion) the love letter, as a reward he jots down the code.


Ah ok…I saw that was an option in the challenges but I hadn’t got around to doing it yet…I presume that’s the same love letter that we can take to Andrea Martinez for the balcony assassination opportunity…the one we find on the limping dude.

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Yes, the actual opportunity now involves giving it to him I think.

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I did that opportunity by sneakily dropping it into her inbox and then killed her when she went on the balcony alone to read it…no idea what happens if I give it to him. Does that create a different opportunity to get Martinez?

No she still goes to the balcony to read the letter. But killing her in front of him causes him to kill himself I am pretty sure. He also takes the hit of cocaine that allows you too kill him for the challenges

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I made this topic allready…

Well I didn’t see it and it didn’t pop on the right hand side as an existing thread suggestion when I created the topic.

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