Where is the other content?

Hello Hitman Community! Today I want to share with you some ideas I got while playing, and pictures I saw all over the internet. I ask myself; where is that content, and why did IOI so much work on it, but never showed it? The first thing I want to show is the briefcase in an leaked alpha picture.


I have no idea why they cut it, but I’m sure they have some reasons, for example balancing if you get frisked, or the disguise system. The next picture is a weapon which never came into the game, leaked way ahead of the scarecrow challange pack, with the weapon of the challange pack. (Help with extract files from game (Weapon/Suits images))


Whatever this pistol could be, it looks really cool. And if they already made the icon for it, so the model, why did thy haven’t included it, or finished it? The next thing is gear, chewing gum to be specific.


The picture isn’t a fake, since it from Mungadungalis, who has been a curator of contracts a few months ago. And I’m sure they don’t feature someone who made fake stuff about their own game. ((New Weapons and Gear) Has HITMAN been hacked?) The next is a sniper we probably saw in the sapienza trailer, the black sniper with the crome parts.


It looks amazing and would be one of my favorite snipers, only by the color and apperance like a real hitman weapon, instead of the blue/purple sniper we got a long time before hokkaido. The last thing is the newest on this list I discovered one day before playing;


It looks like a little handgun, ready to shoot needles. And even if most of the stuff I showed before is Alpha stuff or close to release date, so stuff they could have cut out due balancing, the handgun right above with the needles came with one of the latests patches, after IoI had to redo the start screen. So it’s something new they did after the release of all episodes, including the bonus missions. After there is no mention in the Patient Zero Reveal, could it be something for season two? And to get back to my main question, where is all that stuff?

But now I want to dig deeper into the situation. IoI made 26 ET’s with alot of voice acting and story writing, and the introdiction cutscenes from Diana. They did four bonus episodes, and now four are following. Each with a new design, reworked levels, new voice acting, new weapons, new gear, new challanges, new elusives, new characters and AI, new sounds, and new storyparts. So, after all the work, and now a year of silence; with the possibility to do so much in such a little time, speaking of the release of the last episode landslide, since then, they could easiliy at least made the first episode of season 2. But why do they wait to reveal something about it? Don’t they have something done until now, and only the bonus episodes we get in two weeks, or is there something big about to come this year? Hitman is their only way to get money from customers right now, so why so silent about everything? I would like to hear some suggestions on the content about, ideas what it could be, why it’s cut out and never released, and why IoI has been that silent about anything in season two. If there will be season two at all, I don’t want hitman to become the new Half Life 3.

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First XXX is;

Screenshot (8836)

Second XXX is;

HWK 21 Prototyp 1

Third XXX is;


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And the fourth XXX is;


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Some will probably be brought in Season 2, some are a real hassle to implement (the briefcase ended up broken with the physics in the game), some are straight up stuff that is only meant for testing and debugging (like the chewing gums)


Was this ever confirmed though?

Unofficially confirmed yes

Some of these weapons which was showed in full version of this video was just a placeholders from Absolution, probably because they didn’t have finished and implemented new ones. But they probably forgot to remove info about that from data files, so you still can find these images in game.



How do you get chewing gum?
Or was that taken out?

taken out, it was a server glitch

Wow. Thanks for the quick response.

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Someone is still mining game data.
I was sad that that the guy who mined game data was asked to stop or face legal consequences. He just closed his account and disappear from HMF.

oh so the black ducky with red eyes is actually already programmed and everything, i always wondered if it was a thing or just some random artwork for steam badges.

There is nothing to reprogramm for black duck. It’s just a reskin.

considering it’s the “ultimate form” of the duckie, it likely has different properties than the originals.

Well it has to be large if it’s black. You know what I mean.


What do you mean with that? I’m new to the forum.

I agree with you, but as you see, the sniper rifle is actually possible to get ingame, so it has to be in the game itself at least in the first episode release, and not just an placeholder. Since we can see it in the first sapienza trailer, it had to be in the game in the first place. Why cut it out then? To overpowered? But at least now, after so many other sniper rifles and a feeling for the right balancing, IOI could “easily” implement this weapon. At least I think so, please correct me if there are informations I don’t know.