Where's Agent 47?--Game


Everyone probably heard of “Where’s Waldo” right?

Well I wanted to make a game similar to that because of Hitman’s Facebook page released this. Can you spot 47?

Now I thought people could create their own using free cam or whatever. Choose any location, any disguise, “blend 47” in the crowd and spot him. The person who finds him then creates their own puzzle for others to spot 47.

Whoever finds 47 in the above photo will get next turn. Let’s see how well 47 can “blend in” Good luck, Agents!


found him quite quick.

He’s right next to the end of the stairs on the right. Or at least this man’s bald head says so


That’s him! Your turn man.


I’m not so sure, based on the way his arms are bent it looks like the person you’re looking at is the same as the bald NPC a little ways up and to the right of him… I’m thinking 47’s in the crowd just to the left of the main entrance facing right.


Hm. No I think @badeaguard is correct. If you look very closely, you can sort of make out the barcode on the one @badeaguard said. Plus the FB page comments are also saying it’s the one he chose


Hm, I think I see it now. Good eyes!


Yes, it is hard to miss though haha so no worries. But yeah, @badeaguard your go when you can.


I have a new puzzle (just in case @badeaguard can’t provide one)

Please don’t solve this puzzle unless @badeaguard confirms he is unable to provide his own


Ah you can do it. I don’t know how to make far photos ingame.


Alrighty, whoever can solve the above puzzle, have at it! You get it correct, then it’s your turn.


Look on the left hand side, near where the marble steps are, by the pillar that is between the two tall gold candle stands. There’s a man standing there kind of by himself and just slightly down and to the right from him is a woman in a blue dress and a hat. Look slightly down and to the right of her and you’ll find Agent 47.

Unfortunately, I also cannot/don’t know how to get these images, so whoever wants the next one, I give my turn to you.


My eyes are not young enough for this game.


That’s not 47. Gotta agree with @_jrok as 47 is top left near the entrance doors. It’s not the guy on the right near the stairs because 47’s tux is buttoned up. This guy’s isn’t. And it doesn’t even look like 47 while the guy at the other end near the doors does with his head, shoulders and stance.


Edit: Nevermind. I thought you guys were talking about the other guy who you can see his tux open. But didn’t see the other guy beside. But even on that, don’t think that’s him either. Still think it’s the one at the top left by the doors.

And when does 47 do that stance? :face_with_monocle:


Where could he be???



I just looked in game. 100% this is not 47 as both chrome domes are there as those crowd cows. He is up close to the doors on the left (larger) group. You can see his stance, demeanour and shoulders. Those really stand out. And in game there are no baldies there. :joy:

@_jrok is correct.


Well how about that… :sweat_smile:

Alrighty then… @_jrok it’s your play, man.