Which do you think is the most ingenious design among all the maps of WoA?

In my opinion, I think it’s Mumbai. Because its map is huge and interactive, I think it is the best. As for the map in H3, I think it is far less creative than the previous two works. At least it didn’t brighten my eyes. For example, the size of Chongqing map, is this suitable?
I understand and understand that the map design in H3 is to fit its theme. After all, the theme of H3 is darker than H1 and H2. We can see it from their “slogan”.
H1:Enter a world of assassination.
H2:Made the world your weapon.
H3:Death awaits.
The first two works really introduce a killer who travels around the world, while H3 seems to introduce the killer’s dark life experience. So smaller maps and compactness fit H3. But it will sacrifice a lot of openness.


I don’t agree tbh. H3 has a lot of gimmick-ey levels; moreso than the previous games combined. Dubai is a semi-restrictive building (justifying the small level design), Dartmoor is in the middle of the british countryside and the level plays out like one massive murder mystery.

Berlin has ICA agents on your tail, and you have to dispactch of them, making use of AI behaviour not seen in WOA (they are actively aware of your presence and are super-enforcers in all but one suit). Chongqing is also very tiny for what it is, so I do agree with you here, but even then, the level has keypad codes you need to remember, as well as a unique exiting experience when playing in story mode.

Mendoza has Diana actively help you. That isn’t in any other WOA game, and is honestly something I was blindsided by that. And Carpathian is an end-boss set a top a moving train, a means to end the story, and is a fun little speedrun to do every now and again.

While I agree there are less maps that are open (as you said Chongqing is very guilty of this), the story justifies a lot of the levels being small. I won’t say it’s a non-issue, though.

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I think Sapienza & Mumbai.
Chongqing its wasted map and very strange design, but i like the colors .
H3 are the most colorful maps but tiny and boring very fast to explore.

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