Which gameplay settings will you have off?


Hi everyone, which settings are on/off in your gameplay?


I’m probably gonna have most of them turned off, I played with them all on in 2016 and I want to try something new, I might set Opportunities to Limited tho because sometimes it’s impossible to complete some of the objectives, without knowing what you’re looking for.

  • Opportunities (Mission Stories now) ON (even if i’m not going to use them on first run)

  • Map ON (even if tweakable - we’ll see on game)

  • Hint Messages OFF (i hate being guided, especially when it explains everything)

  • NO INSTINCT AT ALL (i consider this as cheating/OP for a Hitman game)

  • Message alerts ON but:

-> Foliage circle OFF
->> Countdown displaying OFF
->>> XP displaying OFF (“opened door - +25xp”)

And last but not least: NO AUTOSAVES.

Tomorrow guys!


Opportunities - Definitely off. Old Hitman games also had opportunities, but it was only good for you if you’ve found them, no patting on your back. Besides, many of those can be figured out just by listening/observing, and if feels more natural that way.

Mini-map - off as well. One gets to know the environment better with that think turned off.

Instinct - depends. I would welcome if higher difficulties would modify these settings for you, thus making it challenging. I hate adjustable difficulty throughout the game.

Autosaves - also off.

I will keep on the alerts for first couple of runs, but will turn everything off eventually.


All points of interest were marked on the map on lower difficulties.


Yep I think they had done the same thing in HITMAN: WoA but I am not sure they kept it in?


Everything (except dots)


Uhh none I think except for minimising the opportunity. I like exploring so instinct and mini-map don’t bug me. These levels are supposed to be freaking huge!


My first run through the campaign will be with everything off, the exception will probably be the currently equipped weapon so I can check the ammo. I want to discover most of the things by myself, and I also want to fail, I find it fun to handle the situations when your cover is blown.

I hope this time we can get rid of the small white squares which appear in interactable things , can someone confirm this?


I’m considering turning off opportunities, and possibly the mini map, but we’ll see.


Turn off everything. Purist mode ON!


Turn off interaction highlight

Turn off current weapon ui

If I can turn off the big white circle letting you know you’re in a crowd, I’ll turn that off too

Probably turn off opportunities so I can go at my own pace without feeling prodded


I remember playing through Absolution on purist mode… Was the only time I enjoyed it.


I think that the best configuration for opportunities is to keep these at minimum… cause in this way you know hints for what to do but you have to figure out by yourself in which way you can do the things… if the opPortunity is completely off in some situations can be impossible to think what to do for triggering a specific opportunity situation… oK playing hitman only with all our strategies is the maximum of fun but for me if a player don’ t complete all the crazy opportunities that the developers spent so much time to create is like non playing the game at all in his totality.


Opportunities off straight away.

Ruined the previous game for me and tainted it as it felt incredibly condescending at times. Also killed replay value for me.


On the top of my head:

  • Opportunities off (one of the first things I turned off HITMAN and one of the first things I turn off in HITMAN 2)
  • Minimap on, but without showing the NPCs and without auto-rotation (more confusing than helpful). Mostly because the map also tells you whether or not you’re trespassing, which is useful if you’re unsure about the restrictions of your current disguise.
  • Instinct off
  • Hardest difficulty
  • PiP on
  • Enforcer symbols on
  • I’m on the fence about the kill notifications. They are useful because they tell you whether or not a kill was unnoticed, but they’re also kind of annoying.


All HUD off.

Not sure about foliage ring and the item highlight options, as they may be different.

No instinct either.


Enforcer Symbols Off


Autosaves in a Hitman game are a cardinal sin.


Plus it makes the game stutters and fps dropping :frowning:
Also I prefer decide whether to save or not…and when :+1:


I usually have opportunities, weapon HUD, and minimap turned off, but I think instinct is what sets 47 apart from mere mortals. It’s almost his Daredevilesque ability to use his heightened senses to have a constant awareness of his environment. Footsteps and the tiniest movements of clothing give him clues as to who is around him and even in neighbouring rooms.