Which guard outfit do you like the most?


For Season 1, I love the suits the CICADA guards wear in the Paris mission.
For Season 2, I like what the elite guards wear in Isle of Sgail.



Contracts: Beldingford guards
2016: Hokkaido red mask guards
H2: Hawkes Bay guards (very similar to Beldingford’s)



2016: Militia Spec-Ops - Colorado
H2: Raider - Isle of Sgail



H1: sapienza lab guards
H2: Janus’ bodyguards (checkered shirt)



H2016 - All black Yuki’s guard, turtleneck & jacket combo. Or the one with shirt & jacket and glasses, can’t decide.
H2 - Sgail Elite guards




H2 I like the blue masked guards in Sgail.



S1: Sapienza shirtless guards (maybe not super stylish, but it’s a bit daring, which I like)
S2: Blue-hooded masked guards on Isle of Sgail

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Soviet soldier uniform from Hitman 2 Silent Assassin.



2016: Hokkaido guards (the ones with the turtleneck to be specific)

2018: tie between Hawke’s Bay guards and Bollywood guards



C47: Sailor with jacket and turtleneck
SA: Russian soldier
Contracts: any SWAT outfit
Blood Money: okay, there weren’t many… Delgado elite guard and FBI without sunglasses
Absolution: Chicago SWAT and Layla bodyguards
S1: Militia Spec Ops and Hokkaido guards with jacket and turtleneck
S2: Coca Field Guard

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Codename 47: The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. cosplayer in Plutonium Run Lose
Silent Assassin: The regular Security Guards from the Malaysia missions.
Contracts: Blue Lotus Member.
Blood Money: Marine. Sadly not much variety among the guard outfits in this game.
Absolution: Chicago cop with the rain coat
S1: Hotel Security. Because helmets. :sunglasses:
S2: The Janus bodyguard outfit with the palm tree logo.

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Hitman 2016: Paris CICADA guards
Hitman 2: Delgado cartel guards

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Hitman 2016: Basically every guard in Hokkaido lmao
Hitman 2018: Coca field guards. They just look so cool!

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I forgot about the old-fashioned sheriff disguise in the Vermont level. That’s one of my favorites too.



I love the biker disguises from Contracts, mostly cause they make 47 look like Rob Halford from Judas Priest :grinning: Also, fun fact: if you take the bartender’s clothes in the first Rotterdam mission, 47’s body type also changes accordingly. It’s really weird.

Some other good ones include the Russian soldiers in H2 and the redneck guards from Till Death Do Us Part. No idea why they made most security guards in Blood Money look like either police officers or FBI agents.



I like the Miami guard outfit with the pants. I usually try to get one of those instead of the one that comes with shorts. I also really like the elite guard disguises in Santa Fortuna. My favorite are the ones with both the hat and mask.

Also, Bangkok isn’t one of my favorite locations, but I appreciate the simplicity of the bodyguard uniforms in that mission.



Hitman 2016: Militia Spec Ops (Colorado)
Hitman 2: Kronstadt Security (Miami)

Kinda wish Kronstadt security was a suit: it looks really good. But I can see it confusing players in Miami. But it looks really cool.



When can we expect to enjoy another fashion review from you, LordShaw? :grin:

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Dunno, don’t have the time now, but when i do, it’s going to be miss silk and rain boots :grinning:



Hmm… hard to say. S1 would be the mansion guards from Sapienza. S2 is tricky…maybe the outfit that The Crows wear in Mumbai.

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