Which level is this?

I recently played Freelancer and messed around in this bathroom by overflowing sinks and throwing a car battery around. I would like to play this in campaign, but I can’t figure out which map it was. The guard outfit indicates it’s from the China mission, but doesn’t seem like it.

Screenshot is from my video which I took from this mission. So it should have red-brown guard outfits and a car battery (unless they spawn randomly in Freelancer mode).


Miami. There’s an ambulance… Nurse(?) and half-naked guy on the ground that got his Flamingo disguise taken just outside (or to 47’s right).


Ah yeah, it is from Miami. I thought it first, but there are no car batteries in Miami. I guess I picked it up from an ICA box in Freelancer.

Definitely Freelancer from the upper left objective list.

Had it not been for the map in the lower left I probably would’ve guessed Mendoza. :smile:

Definitely not Mendoza.


think another difference between both the pics if someone were to guess they could look at the mini-map of the pics to tell if it were Mendoza or Miami.

I would recommend new players to finish the main compaign and gain full mastry level on each map before trying freelancer. I think this mode demands highly knowledge of maps and the game mechanic.


Well, even with map knowledge - due to some of the kill type objectives or some restriction (such as SA - No Firearms) it can come down to luck in what you can find in the crates.

Then you have the showdowns. Map knowledge will only get you so far. You have the added complication of the lookouts. Constantly checking your soliton radar and using instinct to watch for :white_circle: enforcer halos can keep you on your toes!

Follow-up question. Is there any way to get a car battery into Miami other than Freelancer? I suppose you can only store certain types of items and not all of them (?).

Sorry. Misread your post. No. No there isn’t. You’d be better off bringing in a remote or proximity taser.

If we’re talking about the normal mission.

Original reply, please disregard.

You can get a battery in the safehouse garage. But (until today) I’ve never picked it up to see if you could take it into a mission. I’d assume you could, and you’d take it in your magic briefcase (Yes). :joy:

Other than that, you’d have to rely on luck in finding them in the item crates.

As for Miami… It’s a shame that you can’t find at least one in the garage/pit-stop area. That’d be the most logical area to find one just naturally there.


what I can say about knowledge is that don’t trust places that nobody will come in main compaign and leave bodies there… I failed a showdown for leaving a body in Janus’ basement which I knew no one comes. But it’s not the same in freelancer… :joy:

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You could have said this about Ghost Mode, but not about Freelancer.
Freelancer basically is an extended contacts mode or a bit modified escalation contracts.
Well, to be honest they could’ve just added all those objectives to contracts and it would’ve been the same

That’s Miami in Hitman 2.