Which target do you not want to kill?


Which of the official main-mission targets in Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2 (2018) do you genuinely not want to kill?

For me, it’s Penelope Graves, in Colorado.

Two reasons.

One. She’s smoking hot. At least in the Hitman 2 portrait. Easily the hottest target in the game.

Two. I don’t know why I’m supposed to kill her.

I must have missed something. From all the dialogue I’ve overheard, Graves is one of the good guys. She seems to be an undercover Interpol agent, trying to take down the redneck terrorist bastards.

What did I miss? Why is 47 ethically justified in killing this absolute hottie?

If you disagree with me that Graves is the one target we should spare, which target would you spare?

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Alma Reynard. Her voice makes my wee-wee tingle.


Alma Reynard because she has a kid. Also Sean Rose because he’s the father of that kid.


There are two types of people :sweat_smile:


really? who talks about it?


she does. in a phone call after she wakes up

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I thought I knew this game. Guess not.


What? She wakes up?

Not that she gets the chance to when I’m there.

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I’d put an extra bullet in Alma for the same reasons Rieper wouldn’t :joy:

Ree Thak and Andrea Martinez for pure hotness reasons.

I could have sworn we already had a thread for this topic, though :thinking:


That’s what I like about Hitman. It suggests you to kill bad people - terrorists, murderers, bandits etc. It suggests you to punish them. And at the same time it shows their “human” side. You really start think if death is really justified punishment for them and anyone else…

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“A contract is a contract.”

These people don’t get targeted with punishment as the principle. Jordan Cross would be one of the exceptions since the clients wanted retribution. Margolis and Novikov, on the other hand, were in possession of material that would’ve severely compromised the UK’s foreign affairs. And Hamilton-Lowe made a tough business decision to invest in 47 to rescue their government contracts in Morocco.


Alma Reynard and Penelope Graves. Can’t think of any main targets beyond those two. Everyone else was some sort of white collar criminal or their deaths were necessary to stop something bad happening.


Sierra Knox is a h0t af

Edit: Lets do the incel thing n let her live, maybe we will get the 5th base if we only kill his dad


I agree. Maybe the hottest target in the franchise after Layla Stockton. And for this reason I would save her life. Even if she is allied with cruel terrorists like Sean Rose.

In the previous games I’d save the journalist and the priest in Requiem (Blood Money)


You must have had the beer goggles on mate :joy:


Lmao I know that 47 is an assassin. But player is not, so everyone is free to think about, do those people really deserve to die.

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Alma Reynard for reasons already discussed.

Nolan Cassidy. Guy really didn’t do anything wrong, morally speaking. He’s a bit silly, rolling out an avalanche of security cameras on the neighbourhood but leaving his own garage door wide open, but he’s a good guy. Industrious, committed to his work, kind to his staff. Top bloke I’d happily grab a burger with.


Uh Nolan was a security consultant for a cartel for five years before Providence forced him onto Janus detail. That isn’t a thing good people do.


Penelope Graves:)

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Didn’t hear about that cartel business before, I admit, but still, “security consultant” doesn’t sound too bad. He’s in the business of saving lives. Doesn’t really change a thing if it’s for a cartel. Saving lives is a good thing. Moreover he went through a rough patch after losing his job when that interim president to be got killed.
Do you think the housecleaners working for Delgado are bad people worth killing too?

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