Which Targets Seem Like Nice Bosses?

Talk about which of the Targets across HITMAN and HITMAN 2 seem like they’d be the kind of people you might get along with and won’t mind working for or working with.

I think I’d honestly be quite happy working in Kronstadt under Robert Knox. I’d be one of those executives who believed our robots were used for defensive purposes. Mr. Knox seems like the kind of hard driving genius that has the same topics of interest as me.

I’d also list here Viktor Novikov and Dalia who seem like a driven and charismatic power couple.

I also think that I wouldn’t mind working with Rico Delgado as long as I didn’t know he was in the drug trade. He has a childlike quality about him that is excited about stuff like submarines, dangerous animals, and powerful machinery.

How about the rest of you? :wink:

Vanya is pretty nice to her assistant, Rima.

Ezra and Penelope are also pretty likeable according to their interactions and also some conversations.

That’s it on the ones I can think of.


Sweet old man with razor sharp wit and interesting stories to tell. What’s not to like?

Alma Reynard
Hot to look at and kind to her people. The guards seem to enjoy working for her. Her silken voice could command me to do anything.


Ezra Berg, Claus is nice to the masseur I guess, Penelope isn’t a prick,

Oh and the Maelstrom

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I’ll admit I’m kinda waiting for the first person who tries to explain why Dawood Rangan could be a great guy to work with… :laughing:

I forgot to mention Dalia aswell. Maybe not too kind but she behaves nice and with manners.


I dunno about Vanya I imagine working for her to be a lot like working for a David Koresh or something.

I’d live in fear of the day she’d get up and commanded all of us to “drink the Kool-Aid”…

Give me a reason why Dawood wouldn’t be a great guy to work with

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I don’t like how he treats women. And I know I might have been THAT guy who hid the script to stall the project… thereby dooming my own paycheque.

I would also be that guy with the Cronkite report in New York.

I’m THAT guy.

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Expects Karissma Hussein to kiss him, even though she hates him.

it was a joke, really. i know dawood’s a shitty person.


But I can just imagine so many ways I’d get in trouble with Dawood even if I tried to adjust to him. I’m willing to bet any social gathering or party would just descend into “We need to contain this. Contain that. He didn’t touch that woman.” and… you know I don’t like doing that kind of overtime.

If I was above him… as a film producer for example… I’d get into a lot of arguments with him and talk him down a lot.

It just wouldn’t work. :stuck_out_tongue:

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if you were above him, you could possibly fire him :smiley:

seeing his reaction (or any irl person like that, because there are many) to getting fired would be funny

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Fire him? You realize we need him to sell the movies, right? :stuck_out_tongue:
See? That’s the problem. :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s a wonder how he’s so popular.

i mean, you’ve seen his acting.

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Well… there’s a couple of people I know who managed to get away with it for so long. Some of them have been outed. Some of them haven’t… but “can’t get work in certain movies”.

However, the biggest value carriers of the business are usually up-standing to an extent and you can vouch for them somehow. Keanu Reeves isn’t the only decent guy working in films.

But the way Dawood was setup in this HITMAN universe was he was basically the Shah Rukh Khan of India. And in that mode, there’s not a lot you can do with him since he controls much of the business just with his charisma and onscreen persona (which has nothing to do with who he really is).

I see some people answering the question in the OP with “well he’s/she’s nice”. Everybody can be nice. I think if you were Salman Khan and you met Dawood Rangan at a club he’d probably be nice to you - at least to your face - possibly because he thinks “you’re alright”. But to “work with this guy” is a different proposition.

Wait so is working for Shah like working for David Koresh or is it like working for Jim Jones?


She’s good I guess, but happened to be in a company of pricks

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Knox honestly seems nice, I mean other than the whole tungan valley incident…
Janus - I love (talking to) old guys, even if they tell heaps of stories.
Viktor/Dalia - meh
Rico would be fine…

If you can ignore the fact that he is a war criminal who would replace you with Marvin the Paranoid Android. Then yes Knox is a good person to work for. Just make sure you are covered for redundancy.

Again ignoring the fact that he kills his own men (I eyerolled so hard, the first time I saw the briefing, I thought my eyes would get stuck) and would feed you to his hippo if he is having a bad day.

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