Which version of Hitman Contracts has these alternate character textures?

Which version of Hitman Contracts has these alternate character textures?

Check female partygoers in “Meat King’s Party” show in this picture:

They are different from the GOG and steam versions:

I can’t recall, but i believe the version of the game i played back in the game used the first model. Can anyone give me an idea?

Can you tell me which version of the game (retail, gog, steam) you used to create your Slaughter Party mod?
I believe you should be able to answer the question from this topic as well. That would be awesome.
The model for the fetishist girl in the screenshots are clearly different (the first picture is what i remember from back in the day). So do you have any idea which version of the game it is from?
In the gog and steam versions of the game, all the models use the design from the second screenshot.

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This does indeed look like the PS2 version of the game. If I am correct, which I very well may be wrong, I believe the console versions of contracts had the X’s on the boobs, and the PC versions had a covering completely. But I may be wrong. I use all 3 versions of contracts as well, and I don’t think I saw the X’s in any of them? :confused:

If I had to make a recommendation, I would say to use anything other than retail, as they were leaked versions. Hence, they have some left over content that would later be removed to make the retail version.

Hey thanks for the response.

After some digging i found out that particular model is from the XBOX version of the HD trilogy)
What spurred the question in the first place was that i seemed to recall seeing the X version when i played the game on PC back in the game. I could be totally wrong though. I tried out a number of versions of the game (GOG, Steam, Some russian retail version) and they all used the covered version of the model.

Also, i could swear that back in the day you could “interact” with the showering maid in the Bellford manner mission (other than turning off the heater) but again, this was years ago and I could be mistaken.

Btw, are you aware of any censorship/version differences in other hitman games?

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Hitman 2. Shotgun showdown. I could swear back in the day as well, lei ling either wore different colored panties, or none at all.

And about the first question. Yes. You are right! The console versions have the X. Whether it is Xbox, ps3, or ps2. :yum: