Whittleton Creek disguise bug

Hi. I just finished making a thematic contract using the Arkian Robes (located in Helen West’s bedroom) and discovered that they are being classified as a Suit.

I tested my contract and it seems it is a bug, since the robes are considered trespassing in the barbecue open house area, whereas a regular suit is not. I completed my contract in my regular suit and it worked.

I’m on PS4, so cannot verify if this is happening on PC or XBox.

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Report all bugs in a special thread dedicated exclusively for bugs, which is monitored closely by the developers. So if you posted something there, most definitely the responsible staff member saw it and passed to developers directly.
Link to it:


It’s probably intentionally labeled as a suit - that way if you are doing a Suit Only run on Whittleton Creek, the robes are still a viable option for you to obtain the clue as you can only get it by changing into the disguise.

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I reposted it in the bug report forum thread.

Also, if the robes were meant to be a suit, it wouldn’t give a trespassing indicator in the bbq zone.


I’ve never understood why those Wilsons would object so much to what Helen West mistakes for a dressing-gown?

Or maybe they too think it’s a dressing-gown, and that it’s uncouth to attend a party dressed like that? :joy:

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Well, considering the Wilsons seem to be some kind of undercover spies or possibly government agents. There are snippets of clues that seem to hint that they are watching or possibly studying Janus. Hence the Arkian Robes would be considered a unique disguise they would be less friendly with (and why I believe it’s classification as Suit is erroneous).

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But the whole irony surrounding the Wilsons is that we’re led to believe there is something odd about them when really they are just a satirical portrayal of overly-gregarious Americans, possibly southerners. If the robed 47 was only considered ‘trespassing’ in the Wilson home, I’d see it as a further ironic nod towards pockets of the US which are considered to be ultra-conservative and suspicious of anyone who doesn’t fit in with their views.

When H2 came out, this was more or less the conclusion this forum ended up drawing, at least.

Well, if it is classified as a “Suit” then either it should behave as a default suit, or simply be a unique disguise and not be considered a “Suit”. Much like the Plague Doctor disguise in Sapienza.

Honestly don’t care which happens, I just think this is a bug, and for my Featured Contract submission to fully work, it would need to be fixed.


Um… no?

The BBQ area is filled with people that work for Janus. You are wearing Janus’ robe and are clearly not Janus…

Uh, yes.

The default suits in the game behave one way, and this one behaves differently. Therefore, having this disguise be the exact same as a suit makes no sense.

It’s either a default suit disguise, or it isn’t. Since it doesn’t behave like a default suit does, it shouldn’t be classified as a suit. It should be it’s own unique disguise.

And it technically IS supposed to be a unique disguise, since it is needed for the Chameleon challenge in Whittleton Creek.

Except you’ve completely ignored my earlier point - it counts as a suit so that you can use the robe to obtain the relevant clue when you’re performing a Suit Only run. Otherwise it would be the only method of obtaining a clue that is not possible Suit Only.

And yet, it is not REQUIRED to complete the level on a suit only run. There are more than 3 clues so you can still do the suit only run without donning the robes.

But because you’re playing a game that is all about giving the player options in the main campaign and not restricting their options, they’re not going to lock out one option of obtaining that particular clue from Suit Only runs.