Whittleton Creek - Due You Even Care? All Pigeon locations


So ive probably spend nearly 10 hours to find all these darn pigeons, and i finally found the last 4 Pigeons this morning and though id share the locations with the rest of the community.

Happy Hunting :smiley:

[https://imgur.com/a/Ti7Uiyq](Map + Screenshots of each location.)


Legend. Thank you sir



Thanks a bunch there, man (or other)!!

Found the 24 first ones pretty quickly, been going TOTALLY crazy while looking for the final one. Checked every tree, powerline, roof, you name it. Over and over. For close to ten hours. Turns out I’ve passed it a gazillion times as it was on the top of the swings upper right side of the map.

Registered just to say this: you are my hero.


Mucho respecto :kissing_heart:


True, its very appreciated to take your time to help us others. If I was gonna do it it would take a whole day. I couldnt even be bothered with finding the ones in sniper assassin map himmelstein, looked it on yt. I found like 5 then searched yt for the rest.
I prefer to waste time on more practic stuff lol


So now only thing we have left is “priceless” lol and dont even make me get started on that one. Ive dont everything with the package. I think you have to trigger something for it to be destroyed by you or someone


Im fairly certain that something needs to be triggered in one way or another, currently trying different things to see what happens.

I need to do “Doing The Rounds” and then “Priceless”, and for some reason “Doing The Rounds” wont work for me, and i tried a few different ways.

Tried as the mailman, and just in a normal suit, also put them in the mailboxes and rang the doorbell as well, still nothing, i dunno if im doing anything wrong or i if i overlooked something.


Yeah, had the same problem with “Doing the Rounds”. Thrid time was the charm. Picked the houses from the ‘get off my lawn’-guy (lower left side) and kept to that side of the street. Did not ring any doorbells or wear anything other than my suit.

“Priceless” is… impossible. Probably the easiest sollution in the world, once somebody cracks it, tho. LOL indeed.

Best of luck.



If the “rounds” is putting newspaper in mailboxes it worked for me first time. Mailman has 4 on him and one near the muffinstand I think


I know where to get the newspapers :slight_smile:
Just tried with the houses you cant enter and it worked.


WTF? pigeons? this is one more achivment? like a crocodiles in Sapienza?


exactly that. I was also looking for them, but I am happy I don’t have to search anymore … now which was I missing :smiley:

btw, is there any good way to grab raw maps from hitman 2? I mean now my maps have those ugly text labels of visited locations. Is there a way to turn them off? Probably noone even tried exporting stuff from game files yet :slight_smile:


I zoomed all the way in on the map and then made screenshots until i had the entire map, then i patched it all together and cleaned it up and removed the old text and stairs and all that fuzz so it was just a blank map.

Though about doing it with the rest of the levels, atleast those where you have to collect things.


Wow, that is some AWESOME dedication!


And I am thinking about redoing HitmanMaps as the original seams to be dead (but maybe will run). Right now I have some other stuff to do + I want to still keep playing a bit, but if noone would restart this project, I think I will so I am looking for map sources beforehand, just in case :wink:

I hope you would do those maps like you wrote :slight_smile: I am doing Miami now to progress a bit before ET, but then I am moving to the last map, where are coin collectibles.


I think there might be more coins on the map than what you actually need, just did a quick run through things and within the first 5min i managed to get like 15 coins, most were from npc’s.

But i could be wrong though, but ill go through it later or tomorrow and then see if a map is actually needed for it. :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s like the crocodiles, except these are “real” pigeons. (Real in the game world anyway versus inflatable like the crocodiles.)


@Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI
Please confirm or deny if “priceless” is bugged or are we missing something. No one has gotten it yet


Wow, thank you so much for this! Saved me so much time lol