Whittleton Creek No Evidence Bug?

Possible Spoilers…not sure what the rules are here yet, for those who haven’t played the game yet…

Are there any known bugs with the No Evidence (and therefore The Classics) challenges in Another Life?

I have completed the mission with a Silent Assassin rating on Master, not been spotted by cameras, in fact I knocked out the cameras in the Janus house basement.

My method for completing the mission.


Suit only and deployed at default location,
Krugermier pistol,
Smuggled briefcase with concealed knife


  1. Go to West basement to get lethal pills
  2. Go to Hanson basement to reach Janus basement via secret tunnel
  3. Knock out guard in Janus basement, collect his weapon, collect Arc photo, then knock out cameras.
  4. Exit via Hanson garage
  5. Climb pipe to the Janus upstairs bathroom
  6. Move to next room, subdue guard after he enters and hide in closet
  7. Go to Janus bedroom whilst other guards back is turned
  8. Poison the oxygen mask with lethal pills
  9. Turn on gramaphone in next room for meeting evidence.
  10. Circle back to the bathroom and leave via drain pipe.
  11. Circle to the Cassidy house, hide behind car with car battery and wrench collected.
  12. Wait till Cassidy and guard nearly enters the garage. (By this time, Janus should be dead by poisoning)
  13. Distract by throwing the battery into the corner by the boxes.
  14. While Cassidy has his back turned, throw the wrench at the guard.
  15. Quickly shoot Cassidy with a headshot / or throw knife.
  16. Close garage doors.
  17. Hide bodies
  18. Exit garage, and collect cigar tin by the frog area.
  19. Exit via bridge whilst guard and gardener aren’t looking.

All evidence collected
All targets eliminated
No Evidence
No bodies found (poisoning doesn’t effect Silent Assassin rating when the body is discovered)
Not spotted, engaged, hunted, and done all in the suit.
Practiced and executed in Casual, Professional and Master.

I can’t understand why the No Evidence and the relevant classic challenge were not awarded.

Can anyone help?

The only requirement of No Evidence should be not getting caught by cameras or deleting record machines.

Recently, there were reports about tranq gun knocked out bodies would ruin No Evidence if they were found. However, I don’t see anything from your description that would ruin it. I suggest you post this again in the bug report thread:

weird, might give that a try

I don’t think the bridge guard and gardener care if you leave by the bridge, by the way, I don’t remember there being such a thing

No, they won’t care. They only care if you trespass into the backyard area next to the creek.