Whittleton Creek oddities - seems there are quite a lot


Might be that I’ll add to this. I think I found other odd things that I’ve already forgotten!

If 47 puts the newspapers in the letterboxes, the jogger starts to pick them up. She stopped at four I think (given the achievement is to put five in) - anyone seen anything further? What does she do?

In the Janus basement there are four busts on plinths. One of the two black plinths is higher than the other three. Picking up a bust raises the plinth; without trying all combinations it looks like the first two that are picked up raise those two. What does this do? Actually, without trying, I managed to get the three that were lower all raised at the same time. Does anyone know what this is about? Edit already, it looks like the other two black and white plinths, the two by the place where the Ark picture is, are involved, I got to a point where the two black ones were raised and the two white lower, I then put the two black on the black one (by the picture) and the two white on the white and then the plinths where the white ones were originally were higher. What is going on?!


the jogger lady is justa nice person. she puts the mail on their front porch

also, you’re wayyyy overthinking the bust puzzle. put the white busts on the black plinths and vice versa. the Janus painting will shift over and reveal a secret entrance


Thanks for that. I see what you mean and over-thinking is a speciality of mine, but why the apparently-repeatable raising and lowering of those plinths? Indicating “open” or “closed” I can see but why the different heights and why are the others connected? It could be nonsense, I agree, or a red herring. I suppose the enigma of how to get into the extra room in Schmidt’s property - what the “correct” method is - has got me doing this over-thinking!


Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with this?


You are trespassing and you have an illegal weapon drawn. I thought you would know how to play this game.:joy:


You seem to be scoped in without a scope showing.


Yeah but he is also trespassing with a weapon drawn. Still something majorly wrong.


While those are “wrong”… There’s something else. I just happen to notice it while scrutinizing things around me (looking for a way into that vault). Hint: the 13_01_16. :smile:

Also, I’m using Instinct so the sun shows up better (not so much glare).

I’ll come back in about 12 hours to reply what is astronomically wrong if anyone hasn’t figure it out by that time.


what am i supposed to be looking at


Those that seen I was trespassing, you’re close. Just look a little bit higher.


does it have something to do with Janus?


The sun is not to the north when in the northern hemisphere, I suppose it’s that. What’s the clue about? I don’t get it.


13_01_16 = MAP. And you’re right. North is indicated by the map, and I’m looking at the sun… But it should be behind me if I’m facing north while in Vermont. :laughing:


While studying the panel up in the treehouse - there is the face drawing with the word ‘Target’ above it, and a dartboard target is on the tree below… And there’s the numbers in the bottom right corner… Also, maybe the small poster with numbers, letters, and colors is of some importance. Like a clue to the safe combination…?

Or it could all just be a big red-herring.

Anyway, I drew out a chart of the dartboard numbers. One column has the numbers 1 through 10, the 2nd column is 11 to 20. 1 next to 11 is green and green, 2 and 12 are red and red… etc. But 4 and 14 are a mismatch of Green and Red, and 7 and 17 are another mismatch of Red and Green. 4 and 7… 47.

Now you’ll probably always associate darts with Hitman. :laughing:




Surely… Hopefully an oversight on IO’s part. Maybe we can chalk it up to an electromagnetic anomaly in the region. “Yeah, it’s just messing up the compass.” :stuck_out_tongue: Yet, (unfortunately) not too surprising. They had cars in Italy, etc. with the steering wheel on the wrong side.

eta: Not that any of that makes it any less fun to play. :relaxed: