Who Am I? (Hitman Game)


Here’s a cool little game for you hitman… players.

Perspective of the winner for each round:
I have chosen an NPC and have not told anyone who the NPC is or where they are located. I will give three clues about the NPC, and in which mission and location they are in. There will not be a strict time for when the clues are revealed: so keep your eyes pealed. At 5:00PM AEDT on Fridays, you will be allowed to submit BLIND RUNS of the mission and your attempt at killing who you THINK the target is. If you’re correct, you get to choose the NPC for the next round. Message @Opal_Hitman what NPC you chose and your clues, and I’ll organise the next event. Submissions for runs will be open for 4 days. Submissions after someone has eliminated and guessed the target correctly will not be counted.

I’ll go easy first.

Located in Paris
Mission: The Showstopper


  • I always stay outside the main building, and never near the entrance.
  • My disguise is one of the steps to complete an opportunity.
  • I have a cellphone.


2 days and 20 hours. The time is going down.



I’d join in if it was regarding all Hitman games. :nerd_face:


Helmut Kruger :grinning:
oh wait no i know


The phone booth in AHBOS which is part of a kill challenge.


sorry what is AHBOS?


wait i have just one question
is it never near the MAIN entrance (where everyone comes in)
and also always outside building that means he never goes in right?


A House Built On Sand, a bonus mission in Marrakesh.


ok thx
but why post it here?


Because that phone booth is

But I just noticed this is about Paris, so my bad. :sweat_smile:


wanna co operate?
for trying to know who is it?


Well thinking again it is not Helmut as he enters the building.
It is not Decker because his disguise is not playing the role in his opportunity. One cannot aquire it.
Another guess would be the reporter team, but one cannot aquire their disguises too.

Maybe some NPC who happen to be included in a opportunity. I dont know each of them in detail. Maybe the staff guy at the south gates? His disguise is an easy way to get in for beginners and has a phone.


for the decker meeting you need bodyguard disguise


When you say this do you mean a cellphone you can pick up, or just a cellphone the character uses?


How does a phone booth have a cell phone?

Whatever this guy is having, I’ll take two. :joy:


Uh… maybe… It has no wire like the fiber wire too? Try to save myself here. :sweat_smile:


You are refering to Sapienza’s detective. I will not publish my run, however.


He said in Paris goddamit


Thanks for pointing that out.


Just because they have a cellphone, it doesn’t mean he’s referring to a cellphone you can use. It might be part of a loop. I’m guessing the waiter that stands near the mini ninjas sushi truck after the guards joke about shooting trespassers.