Who Are the Most Attractive Targets?

Yes, it’s a superficial little thread in which we judge the targets based on their physical appearances and overall attractiveness/sex appeal (obviously before 47 goes to work on them, because I can’t imagine any of them are very attractive afterwards – unless you’re, um, into that sort of thing. :neutral_face:)

Just vote for the THREE ladies and the THREE fellas who float your boat the highest, and we should get a decent general impression of who’s hot and who’s not according to the HMF community.

(Also, there’s no shame in voting for members of the sex you’re not attracted to. Just hypothesize about characteristics you might find appealing if you didn’t find them innately repugnant. :smile:)

This vote will only include targets from Hitman 1 and 2, and only main mission targets (not including Kalvin Ritter or Jasper Knight, sorry – because the people we see in-game aren’t actually Kalvin Ritter or Jasper Knight: they’re actors in an ICA training program.)

So, first up, the girls:

  • Dalia Margolis
  • Francesca De Santis
  • Penelope Graves
  • Maya Parvati
  • Yuki Yamazaki
  • Alma Reynard
  • Sierra Knox
  • Andrea Martinez
  • Vanya Shah
  • Zoe Washington
  • Sophia Washington

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And now the guys …

  • Viktor Novikov
  • Silvio Caruso
  • Claus Hugo Strandberg
  • Reza Zaydan
  • Jordan Cross
  • Ken Morgan
  • Sean Rose
  • Ezra Berg
  • Erich Soders
  • Robert Knox
  • Rico Delgardo
  • Jorge Franco
  • Wazir Kale (The Maelstrom)
  • Darwood Rangan
  • Janus
  • Nolan Cassidy

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If you feel so inclined, please give reasons for your choices in the comments below.

Edit: It’s been requested in the comments that I add separate polls for male and female Elusive targets.

So, first, once again, the ladies …

  • The Pharmacist – Nila Torvik
  • The Gold-Digger – Inez Ekwensi
  • The Angel of Death – Etta Davis
  • The Warlord – Adeze Oijofor
  • The Surgeon – Akane Akenawa

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And, second (in much higher numbers!) the gentlemen …

  • The Forger - Sergei Larin
  • The Prince – Adalrico Candelaria
  • The Sensation – Jonathan Smythe
  • The Gunrunner – Vito Đurić
  • The Twin – Dylan Narváez
  • The Wildcard – Gary Busey
  • The Black Hat – Owen Wagner
  • The Fixer – Xander Haverfoek
  • The Chef – Gabriel Santos
  • The Guru – Richard J. Magee
  • The Food Critic – Wen Ts’ai
  • The Chameleon – Richard M. Foreman
  • The Blackmailer – Walter Williams
  • The Doctor – Pavel Frydel
  • The Paparazzo – Kieran Hudson
  • The Badboy – Bartholomew Argus
  • The Fugitive – Ji-Hu
  • The Entertainer – Mr.Giggles
  • The Undying – Mark Faba
  • The Revolutionary – Vincente Murillo

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P.S. A poll can’t have more than twenty options, so I was forced to pre-emtively eliminate a handful of elusive targets. I chose the older men who seemed less likely to receive votes: The Congressman, The Broker, the Ex-Dictator, The Identity Thief and The Bookeeper. I apologize if they were your favourites. lol


Be prepared for everyone voting Dawood as Sexiest HITMAN target


Francesca De Santis for me. I just love her facial structure. Plus intelligent women turns me on for some reason.


:grin: You read my mind. (And guessed my vote!)


I’m with you on that, Badeaguard. I think she’s a dark horse to do pretty well in this vote.

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oops i didn’t realize i could vote more than once and accidentally pressed Zoe :^(

Can you not go back and vote again?

I’m sorry, I haven’t made a poll like this before. I’m not entirely sure how it works. I just wanted to give people three options. One wouldn’t have been enough. People would have been wracked with indecision. lol

You can change your votes if you click “Hide results” but there’s nothing to tell people that.


Thanks for the tech support, Jarbinger. 'Tis appreciated.

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Heterosexual male:

Voted Francesca, Penelope, Yuki. (Surprised more people don’t like her. Asian chicks aren’t really my type irl, but I liked her.)

For the men: Reza, Wazir Kale, Rico Delgado.

Although, I wasn’t sure what criteria to vote on for the males. I voted based on how much sex they probably command


All good picks, IMO.

Yeah, I like Yuki, too. As usual I’m still too indecisive to vote in my own poll, but Yuki is definitely a frontrunner.

And I’m leaning towards Kale on the guys’ list, just because of THAT VOICE, So arresting. lol

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I kinda need to finish playing the game, too, because I don’t know anything about the Washington sisters. The one with the shaved head looks pretty hot.

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Andrea Martinez
Alma Reynard
Zoe Washington (I prefer her over Sophia. I guess it’s about style as much as it is about looks)

Jordan Cross
Erich Soders (in his younger years)
Reza Zaydan

Rawood is a joke. Francesca I can see why she’s popular but I prefer women to carry their womanhood more pronouncedly.

Kale always looks different so not sure which iteration of him we’are talking about.

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Is Zoe the one with the shaved head or the other one?

Hm. Interesting.

Whichever version of him you’ve found most appealing. lol

Zoe is the one with the shorter hair yes :slight_smile: she also dresses sexy.

And yes, I’m certain Soders was quite handsome. I think it helped him be so legendary in his career, just as it helped for 47.

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What are you doing bro. I know you’re the immersive type, but just play the damn mission anyway.

The atmosphere is pretty cool, targets suck, didn’t like the map very much (but I think this will change with other missions introduced)

You gotta play it just so you have an opinion! Don’t want to end up like this guy:

EDIT: plus we got an ET coming our way on this ho-ass map

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This is false.

His disguise/costume/outfit changes, that is all. perhaps his facial hair changes, this should be confirmed by someone else. But his face, scars and all, never changes

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I’ve been taking my time because I quite enjoyed the monthly release format from Hitman 1: it gave me time to develop an appreciation for each environment before moving on to the next, and when you don’t rush too much there’s always something new to look forward to. :slight_smile:

I also seem to spend as much time here as making progress in the game, so that’s causin’ a bit of a hold-up. lol


@David47 Take my advice man, drop this forum and practice sgail. We have an ET coming bro!!!

Also, if you’re on Mumbai, I got some slum music for you:

skip to 0:40 for the start

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