Who do I message to get someone unbanned?

So, about a month ago one of my friends made an account for fun, and made a troll post, which he got banned for. I started to introduce him to Hitman and he is really enjoying it so far, and he would like to join the forums again. Ever since he made that Troll Post I guess someone banned him from making another account from that IP Adress, so he can’t really do much about it. He does apologize for making the post and would like a fresh new start. He really isn’t a bad guy, and he was just messing around. I’m not really sure who to ask in this situation, so if someone could help out that would be appreciated.

@Jarbinger is the owner of the website, and @Watson and @Kent are admins, so one of those 3 are who you want to talk to.


Thanks for the help.