Who Is Your Least Favorite Target?


Alright, I know there is a most to least sympathetic target thread. However, I always see forums talking about why someone is your favorite target and I don’t really see anyone talking about their least favorite target in the newest game. Therefore, can you all tell me which target you hate the most and why? I want to see what other people have to say before giving my answer.


Hitman Season One: Ken Morgan. His personality is boring, he doesn’t have a unique look, and his route is pure shit. I hate when you have to interrupt a targets route in order to kill him in some special way. He litterly just walks in a small cycle for the whole mission: terrace, restaurant, lobby, repeat. So boring.

Hitman 2: Washington Twins. Same with Ken Morgan. Lackluster personality, they don’t fit in with the style of the level, stupid route. Again, you have to interrupt their routine to get some kind of unique kill. Zoe however can be killed with some falling objects, but Sophia is a complete disaster. They are completely forgettable and one of the reasons I hate The Ark Society mission.


Totally agree, the Washingtons are completely bland with no depth whatsoever. For targets that were in the final mission, they should’ve been outstanding. But, these two were just basically snobby rich kids and nothing else. Same goes for Ken Morgan, way too generic and boring. The route with the both of them is definitely shite too.


Uh For S1 it is Ken Morgan. There has already been reasons why.

For me in S2 it is Andrea Martinez. I mean I cannot remember one thing she says or what her personality is like. I only remember how deep her neckline is and that she worked in PR I think. At least the Washinton Twins have some vicious dialogue at places and I can use more than “boobs” (not a bad thing mind but you want more than that for a character) to describe their character. The Washingtons at least make me feel something at the very least and they still have some good kills.


Imo the worst target is Nolan Cassidy. Everything in the briefing and the character intel shows that he’s a badass person who had a military background and whatever. However, the only interesting thing about him is the kill where you blow him up in the Real Estate house.

All he does is walk around his side of the neighbourhood and acts like a complete paranoid and idiotic fuckwad. He does nothing other than inspect the neighbour hood and say stuff like “When can I see the new house”, “A BBQ party, maybe join later” and probably some other lines I can’t remember because he’s that uninteresting.

I have the same problem with Ken Morgan. I agree with @Danger_dog_guy_7’s reasoning for the Washington twins in The Ark Society, but at least they have an intriguing backstory, their characters are sort of well thought out and they actually seem a little scary if you listen to their dialogue.

However, Cassidy is a boring character with nothing that makes him feel like the scary military VIP he’s described to be.

If Whittleton Creek was just Janus and the clues, I’d be completely fine with it, but doing runs such as the Battle Axe run and Hatchet run, I end up either knocking out all nearby NPCs or using emetic poison to isolate him. How fun.


Where do you guys get the idea that Cassidy is a military man? I mean the game states in no uncertain terms he was a Secret Service agent with some military experience. He was a bodyguard and money manager and then he was a security consultant for several cartels and Providence members. It is his job to be neurotic and paranoid.


Cassidy could’ve definitely been improved in different ways. He could’ve been one of the targets that fight back and I don’t really get the dangerous agent vibe that you’re supposed to get from him.


Andrea is pretty bitchy too, she walks around complaining about the littlest shit. I’ve seen some people that felt like slightly sympathetic towards her and I wonder why. You’re all naming pretty awful targets, which is great. I know with the way I was talking about the Washingtons, they seemed like my least favorite. However, even though I believe Andrea, Zoe, Sophia and Nolan are pretty mediocre, there’s still one target that I hate worse.


I always think Nolan is interesting. I think that his over-zealousness helps distinguish him and it is funny to hear just how much he has slowly turned an American suburb into some soft power fortress. It is like he never got over being terminated for letting Morris die and is using some 90 year old man as a replacement. He tried being a military man and was washed out, tried being a secret agent failed horrible and has become some corporate bodyguard and is going nuts not wanting to fail.


I just think that he was also supposed to be seen as dangerous, but that vibe doesn’t really come to me. Also, the man is supposed to be a gun nut, then let him fight back. Although, this may just be a game issue and not actually something that should actually affect his personality too much. I do respect your opinion about him and maybe I’m just not the guy that likes overprotective agents.


True I do love the more normal people and not the crazy psychos or action movie bad guy targets but if those are the targets you love then that is alright by me. But I have never for one second though IO built Nolan up as dangerous. In fact this is straight from his in-game bio (bear in mind his military career is glossed over and they focus more on his protective roles).

Nolan Cassidy is a soft-spoken, intense person. A stickler for the rules with an almost militaristic approach to discipline, he’s lost only one man while on the job and aims to keep it that way. Stoic and patient, he demands extreme discipline from his men. He takes his job very seriously. Too seriously, in fact, at least in the eyes of Janus


(Sorry that it took long to respond. I’m trying to think of a way to word this.) I do see your point. I guess I’m focusing too much on his backstory where he was born in a military family and had earned many medals. After all, that isn’t the only thing he did throughout his life.


If we’re talking “least favorite” in terms of the character themselves, it’s no secret that my lightening rod of hate is Dawood Rangan. This strutting, preening, posturing, overblown jackoff is the most annoying genetic defective in the history of the franchise and deserves an inoperable tumor at the base of his spine. I wish IO had given us the option to lock him in a portable toilet and set it on fire. This beta male who fancies himself to be an alpha has no spoken dialogue that does not piss me off, grate on my nerves, or convince me that he does not deserve to be thrown screaming from a helicopter. Penciling him in for a sudden visit from the angel of death was a brilliant move, and it’s a cathartic exercise removing him from the scene permanently. Fuckin’ Dawood Rangan, Jesus Christ, just thinking about the dude makes me want to take him out into the woods and disembowel him with a wooden cooking spoon.

Now, if we’re talking about least favorite targets to kill insofar as playing the game, and sticking to the current H1/H2 era, Janus and/or Cassidy. Just a bit too laid back a mission. Not really anything remarkable, comparably speaking. An old man and a guy with little personality, and no truly inventive ways to kill them that had not been done by that point anyway. Again, only speaking comparably when held to the rest of the game. In and of itself, splendid enough.


If I wrote him I would have given him a family history of police work. Cassidy would be on [Insert US City]'s police force and then got citations in the FBI and THEN goes into the secret service’s protective branch. That we we have constant background in protection and behind the scenes work


I’m thinking about both terms, but mostly the character themselves. I’ve seen too much love for this guy and I don’t understand why. I love villains who are humanized and not just the big rough bad guy. Dawood has no humanization and not one redeeming quality about him. That’s one of the reasons I like Rico Delgado so much, there were lots of moments where he was humanized. Dawood has none of those moments whatsoever.


It is because his character is so sleazy and so over-the-top that it loops back into feeling like he is a real person. I mean he is everything I think of when I think both B-movie director and sleazy white-collar criminal. He has a smugness that reflects some sort of “I was nothing now I am somebody” attitude.


Cassidy is stupid i killed him in 5 min my first run of the map because poisoning him along with other is really easy and i don’t find him interesting at all

Reza Zaydan is horrible


A George Carlin fan I see. I had to look up who you were talking about because I’ve only done that mission once and haven’t gotten a chance to replay it yet. Unfortunately I see him as a realistic male target, including the amount of security that is almost compensating for something…


Reza Zaydan. Most of the time i completely forget he even exists. His routine is small and boring, yeah, it got some fun kill opportunities, but eh. But mostly, it’s his characterization, or lack thereof, he’s just bland like unsalted potato, he’s got no presence to him and i don’t remember a thing he said.

H2: Hm… Zoe. I like her as a character, but killing her is a boring chore.


That is an insult to unsalted potatoes, you don’t need to salt potatoes to have them be tasty.