Who Is Your Least Favorite Target?


Tell that to my destroyed tastebuds. Tofu. Unsalted tofu. Better?


Not really unsalted tofu is healthy and replaces environmentally harmful red meat.


Stop nitpicking on my comparisons, you know how hard it is to find the correct one in english for me? :joy: Anyway, deraaaiill


Sorry but it is true but hey it proves that Zeydan is bland as fuck. I might dislike Strandberg (not enough to say he is I hate him) but he has a personality.


Exactly, i love to hate Strandberg, I love how he’s clearly enjoying his infamy, he bathes in the fact that people despise him and he’s so smug about it, little bastard. Bad person, but delightful character to hate. Reza is just… who again?


That is true I do love to kill Strandberg but I feel he is just bland and cliche enough to be just evil. Not like Rangan who is also a hate sink but he is just as believable but he doesn’t revel in his evil.


Hey, you got it! Yeah, I very often find myself in agreement with good ol’ Georgie boy. I went through almost an entire routine describing Rangan there, but it is still accurate to my feelings about him, and figured the descriptions were appropriate.

Although, I only see him as a rare realistic male target, because most guys like that can either back their attitude up or have some redeeming quality. Guys who think they’re hot stuff with women and look down on most competing men are usually very physically powerful or attractive or both, and those who think they can treat the ones who work for them like crap are usually very wealthy and famous because they actually achieved something and let it go to their heads. Rangan has none of these qualities. He’s a nobody who thinks he’s somebody and acts tough because he’s paid people to protect him and only got anywhere because he knew the Malestrom when they were younger. Screw him.


Ken Morgan. Heate his route. So much potential in a hotel level wasted.


Vanya shah her area is a cancerous to get around in suit only and her kills are boring expect the kashmirian and train one

but in terms of character the washingtons they were just anoying boring and again like with vanya shitty kills atleast Vanya had some cool kills


Doesn’t revel in his evil? I think he takes great pleasure and is pretty satisfied with being evil. The way he treats his employees working on the movie because he feels like it is absurd. To me, he wouldn’t be so arrogant if he didn’t get satisfaction from being the antagonist all the time. In addition to this, he sabotages his photoshoot so that only pictures of him can be taken. The guy must be getting some sort of pleasure and satisfaction out of that. Diana even mentions his ego when introducing him, so in my opinion, he most certaintly revels in his evil ways. (I responded to the wrong post, my apologies. I’m talking about the one where you said Dawood doesn’t revel in his evil. Like I said, still your opinion.)


I thought they were great, Zoe’s conversation with the Constant and Sophia’s speech at the funeral are some of my favourite bits of dialogue from H2016-H2


Born into a military family, Nolan Cassidy grew up on and around military bases around the US. He enlisted at the age of 18, saw some action in Kosovo and came out with several medals. He wanted to do more for his country, however, and joined the Secret Service’s protective branch in 2000.

Sure, he was a secret service agent, but he did enlist and win several medals for his “action in Kosovo”.

If I’m missing something about his background, then do excuse my mistake as I don’t pay much attention to Cassidy anyways.

His background only changes a little bit for me anyways, I feel his main route in-game and how un-opportunistic he is makes up for 90% of why he’s a terrible target.


Nolan Cassidy, without a doubt. First of all, he’s a shit Head of Security. He doesn’t even hang around the general area of his protectee.

He’s got a very bland personality and for someone of his supposed skill, he’s an absolute coward. He runs and cries to his security team if he sees a knife in your hand, he spends most of his time wanting to go to the BBQ and he clearly doesn’t care about protecting Janus; merely turning the suburb into a completely surveilled area, probably so that he can get his jollies by aiming a camera through somebody’s window and jacking his mini and stroking his ugly moustache.

TL;DR: I fucking HATE Nolan Cassidy.


To be fair, wanting to go to BBQ’s is 75% of my existence :slightly_frowning_face:


If additional missions count, I’d say Marco Abiatti for Season 1. It’s incredible how a character can have so many bad traits :rofl: Corrupt, rude, sexist… Simply despicable.
If aditional missions don’t count, maybe Strandberg, though at least he is more intelligent.

For Season 2, I’d say Dawood Rangan, for reasons very similar to Abiatti.


Hey, don’t talk about president Trump that wa— oh, wait a minute…


Oh, please, they have nothing to do with each other: Abiatti favors red, not orange…

Anyway, let’s just leave Berlusbiatti alone… :rofl:


I am really really sorry to do this to you since you have an opinion and all and I want to respect it and all but…

No he is not. First of all his Providence job is security consultant (or security head since they are different in all but authority) not bodyguard. He is actually doing his job as required and his in-game nom de guere “The Present” more than exemplifies this.

Gone are the days when all it took to work in security was dark clothes and a well practised dive. Today security is about information gathering, reading bios on all potential threats and it is about CCTV and bugs. To that end Cassidy is good at his job, too good in fact to the point where I feel Janus is a substitute for the VP he failed.

As I said that is not his job. Cassidy’s job is to tell Gunther what he needs to do. Gunther is Janus’ bodyguard and it is a job he does well. He never leaves his side and he is one of the few people to vet a 47 in disguise.

Cassidy is in charge of telling people what and how to do things. He screens Janus’ mail, he goes to secure and take any evidence from an acquaintance’s house, he has an armoury in his house, he has his surveillance hubs separate from his watching equipment and he has undercover agents.

Yeah I see him more as a symbolic thing than anything else and his understanding of soft power is also something I like in contrast to hard power targets like 95 of the franchise.

That is the game’s fault. Generals, two MOSSAD agents, several cold blooded terrorists all flee from 47. It is the target code. I want this fixed some fall day.

Yep I am pretty sure it is because he wants to get information about the neighbourhood and the people in it. He wants the party to start so everyone is less put of by his behaviour.

Yep if I were Head of Security I would put security cameras around the place. I would be more discreet about it mind you but Cassidy gets an A for pragmatism and effort!

Yep they spell that out in his bio. He is currently a security consultant for the most dangerous and powerful group on the planet but they now have him babysitting a bitter nonagenarian spy in a white-collar American suburb.

His stache is glorious. A good ol’ fashioned American caterpillar of over-zealous justice!

Jeez that was a lot sorry to spring it on you guys but I really wanted to get it off my chest. I will not be adding a TL;DR as I want all of this info to be read and understood in full. If I have made any errors please leave constructive critiques and evidence of error. I leave a bawdy joke in parting.

Well that jogger girl lives somewhere right?


Thankfully Italy has never elected anyone like that.

In terms of targets, I really dislike both in Bangkok. Their routes are annoying and it doesn’t feel like there is much in the way of opportunities with either, especially Ken Morgan. Bangkok is just an annoying level in general, and I always feel discouraged whenever I try to do anything creative in it. I hate how unfriendly the level is for snipers too, with all the closed windows between the 2 towers.


:clap:Bra-fuckin’-vo :clap:. A well-constructed argument worthy of, well, me, if you’ll pardon my self-absorbedness for a moment. You get what I mean, I’m sure.