Who Is Your Least Favorite Target?


Damn it you got to that joke quicker than I did.


I get what you mean and I appreciate the feedback. Well the parts that aren’t braggadocio. But still…


Mate, I think this is a brilliant post. You’re so spot on. I especially love the part about Cassidy understanding soft power. :+1:


I didn’t think I would have so much positive reviews on this, so thanks Doom. One of the things I like is that IO seem to have recognised that spycraft and security occupations has changed so much since we hit the digital age. There are three things I think (greatly) facilitated the development of spies: regal diplomacy, mutually assured destruction and computers


If ANY of you say Dawood is your least favorite target your argument and opinion is invalid. :triumph:


Well, fuck, alright. Put me back in my place. Nolan Cassidy <3


You can still hate Nolan Cassidy if you want. If I did truly change your mind then that is good. If I didn’t then you can loathe him for other reasons. My intention was to clear misconceptions not to indoctrinate you into some Cult of Cassidy.

As I said his personality is normal and is overshadowed by others, he does have a small route (but I feel his paranoia justifies it) and he does lack opportunities (but I fell that leaves room for creativity and the vault kill is one of the games best to me).

Just out of curiosity did I genuinely change your mind or were you being sarcastic?


His moustache is still shit.


Also, no, I wasn’t being sarcastic. I’m not entirely closed-minded.


Well any 'stach is bad in a Post-Skurky Hitmanverse.


I still get nightmares about when Dexter Slapped 47 with Skurkey’s rubber hand sex whip


Right, well, moving on. Fuck Sierra Knox.


Sierra has to be the worst target by a long shot in this game and the last. Can’t stand that they put her in a car that does the same thing for so long and being a Suit Only player, it really ruins the entire mission for me.


Wow, thanks. I wasn’t saying you were close-minded at all just so we are clear. Like I said Cassidy is not issue free but he is far from the bottom of the list for me.


If you hadn’t have said “suit only”, I would’ve just suggested disqualifying someone. But… yeah. That sucks.


I don’t know if Elusive Targets count, but if they do, at least gameplay wise, The Revolutionary was kinda bad. All the guy did was sit in this shack. He didn’t move a single time once he entered it.


I mean, I didn’t think they counted but I can’t see why they wouldn’t… The Revolutionary actually pissed me off quite a bit as well. Had to constantly restart so I could have him close to the starting location for a poison kill.


I fucked up and got shot trying to disguise as a guard. That was before I knew how to restart too, and i’m still slightly annoyed about it because I totally could have restarted before I died.

3-months-ago me is not a very smart person.


It’s happened to us all, I would imagine. I only ever failed one Elusive Target in Season One by making that same mistake. Never again. Ever.


Sorry, but that’s my line, and I already went on a rant stating that he is my least favorite and, why near the top. Seriously, screw Dawood Rangan.