Who Is Your Least Favorite Target?


I would’ve said Dawood Rangan but the faux fanboys on here… I can’t even handle the banter as a joke. I absolutely despise that fat slob.


I’ve managed to poison her without changing suits. There is a way to obtain the key to the medical wing, distract the two guys inside the doctor’s office, shoot the IV drip up with the poison syringe obtained from the other room, and as long as you trigger the other Kronstadt driver’s urine sample, Sierra will eventually get the drip and be poisoned, all without changing disguise or knocking anyone out. You can obtain poison pills in the same room you get the syringe and can poison Robert’s eye drops, also without changing suits or knocking anyone out. Double poison, SA/SO no knockouts. Try it.


Then you’ve shown your considerable good taste.


1: how long until Sierra dies from that poison?
2: how long until Robert dies from his?
3: how long did the entire run take you?


Sierra takes maybe 30 seconds in total after the meeting with the Doctor starts. As for when he starts, I think it works out to around two minutes after she finishes the race if you’ve gotten rid of the other driver that’s with the Doctor.

Robert Knox could take up to five minutes, depending on where he was in his loop when you poison the eyedrops.

When I did it this way, suit only, it took me about 30-40 minutes but that’s because I was dawdling. An attempted speed-run could probably get it done in under 20 if you’re letting the race finish naturally.


That’s my point. Even if I could do it all in 5 mins, it seems like there’s either shooting her car or this poison kill which make her a very boring target with very limited kill opportunities via suit. Even Soders is a better target than her. At least I can kill him any time I want.


Ken Morgan. Worst target in Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2 (2018). Boring, uninteresting, for the most part does only one path, and HUGE pain the ass to have him go either upstairs or meet up with Jordan.

Ken Morgan, probably the worst target in all of Hitman even beyond the “new” games.


Boo. Rangan is by far the funniest and most hilarious ass in the “new” games.

You want a bad target? See Ken Morgan.

(LOL, all in good fun… to each their own.)


You could initiate the meeting between Sierra and the blackmailer, take out the guards in the area and distract Sierra as she’s heading around the back of the building with the blackmailer and take her out that way. I’ve done it a few times. Also, not sure if it’s a bug or not but if I remember correctly, getting the blackmailer his keys will make the race finish faster.


I prefer to lure him down to the laundry room and use the fiber wire, then do the shooting kill for Jordan, utilizing both of 47’s signature weapons. But yeah, each their own and all.


I still don’t know how to get that fucker down there. Killing him with the axe in the laundry room is the only challenge I have left in Bangkok.


There’s plenty of cool ways to kill Sierra, it just wouldn’t be suit only. At least most of the ones you use have gloves. Poison her in the drinking game, sabatoge her car, blow up the stage, make Robert blow her up for you. The way that you can poison Robert’s eyedrops is the same method you can use to get the usb and make him fix the dish on the roof and then kick him into Sierra’s car, killing them both. Either leave a gun for his bodyguard to pick up or use the emetic syringe to make him leave, and viola! Both dead, no knockouts, Suit only, silent assassin, and don’t even have to kill the camera feed.

Interesting kills can be done in this level with Suit only far more easily than, say, Isle of Sgail.


In the hotel room across from Jordan’s party is a group of guys drinking, one of whom has a note to Morgan from Dexy. Knock him out (there is a way to do it SO and hide his body in a crate, but it’s tough) and take his note. Take the note down to the hotel front desk when Morgan is far away from it and place it there, then head down to the laundry room, and wait.


I dare anyone here, right now, to try to think of one good trait about Dawood. If you somehow manage to find one, i’ll eat my hat.


Didn’t time any of this, but I’ll do it again and give you a rundown.


I’ve got two, but I don’t think they count. 1) it’s really good to kill him. 2) he dresses like Howard Stark in Iron Man: Armored Adventures, although that’s really a plus for Stark, not Rangan.


I guess you could just knock him out and drag him, then throw the axe at him.


He pays you with exposure.


Yes, in that room, the guy who has the Dexy message is the one who goes to the bathroom for a leak. It’s part of his endless loop rotation. It’s possible to do this challenge suit only, but there’s a lot of knockin’ out that would need to happen.


You don’t need to knockout anyone (other than the guy to get the note from)