Who Is Your Least Favorite Target?


Talking about trying to do it Suit Only, but yes, you’re right. I guess it’s feasible in doing it without KO’ing anyone else, but I’ve not tried to map it out.


Yes I’m talking about Suit Only. Sorry for not making that clear.


Fair enough. Haven’t mapped it out myself, but there you go.


There are far worse targets than good old Ken. And I’m not even talking about the stripper nuns from Absolution-.

Especially Silent Assassin had plenty of boring targets: Hayamoto spent the whole mission sitting at the top of a tower doing nothing at all. Not-Osama-Bin-Laden was just a moving prop you had to kill with a sniper. The four Russian generals were pretty bland, too.

He really seems to understand how to make good movies. Sure his first movie is based on true events, so no points for creativity. Yet people really like his movies and talk about the Rangan magic. So he knows what he’s doing. If he had finished Mumbai Hero it probably would’ve been a great action movie as long as you don’t care about movie clichés.

Well at least I tried, right?


I have to agree with others’ assessment of the Washington twins. I had way more trouble than I should have to kill the one that wanders through the castle with a guard. The easiest way to take her out that I could find was to poison her. There’s a bar where they’re serving snacks, and you can dress as a bartender and poison them, then supposedly serve one to her. So I go to all the trouble to do this, and she comes over and 47 offers her one. For whatever reason, she turns it down. So then I had to find another way to take her out. The only alternative I could find was a room with a radio. Turn it on just before she walks by the door to lure her in, but the problem was her guard. He would follow her inside. Needless to say, it took numerous retries to do it. That whole mission was easily my least favorite in Hitman 2.


Actually, yeah. I didn’t think of that. I guess that is a good trait.


Hitman 2016 Easily Ken Morgan, but I find Jordan Cross irritating just a top knot wanker who looks like he works in a bar in Shoreditch, the redeeming feature was being able to confront him which made it slightly more interesting. Wasn’t particularly impressed with the Freedom Fighter targets, I thought they could have done better than a group of Eco Terrorists.

Hitman 2 Cassidy the return of Ken Morgan.


Overall, I’d agree with you. Funny thing is that I actually really like the map itself, just the targets and their routes are seriously limiting and annoying. For me, Isle of Sgail is more fun with Contracts than it is with the targets themselves.

Though I may be an outlier on this. LOL.


I usually like being able to kill the Constant, it’s interesting.


Totally fair point, then again I don’t really count Absolution :wink: (I kid, I kid.)


First time I played the map, I had to click the killswitch. It was too much to bear.


Hitman S1: Penelope Graves - This is not because of her character or anything, in fact I appreciate the direction they took with her being a newcomer surrounded by trained professionals. I just feel that because of the map she was put in, her boring kill methods, and her sorta bland personality, she is possibly the least memorable target of the whole season (Ezra Berg taking a close second).

Hitman S2: The Washingtons - Seriously, fuck these two. Their entire personality is as stale and basic as upper-class villains can get, and when I ask for some form of personality, I get it in the form of them being complete dickheads to damn near anyone they interact with. I would’ve said Nolan Cassidy if it wasn’t for his unique kill methods. With the twins it’s just your same old strangle, poison, stab or burn to death.


I also kinda like Ken Morgan. He’s pretty funny.


Haven’t played season 2 yet so I’ll just talk about season 1

KEN MORGAN : Holy shit, was he annoying. His personality and character is so boring and annoying, but this was obviously intentional.
Gameplay wise, he was such a shitty target, such a boring and stale loop, there weren’t many opportunities to get rid of him that didn’t feel like a chore.


The whole Freedom Fighter set up was weak, I get the impression IOI tried to fit it in with current world events at the time with the activist type characters. There was nothing remotely intimidating or seedy about all four of them.


It would have definitely helped if they were able to defend themselves like some could in Blood Money. There’s so much from Blood Money that could be worked into HITMAN. (You capitalize that for the 2016 and 18 seasons, right?)


Dunno. Sure, it’s strange when tough guys are yelling for help and begging for mercy, but in Absolution armed targets were hunting you and trying to arrest like regular guards.


Yes, if they are killers with a small private army for backup they would be confident enough to fight back. I just didn’t buy into the whole anarcho eco terrorist thing, would like to see more sinister qualities with the targets.

I didn’t like Absolution but I thought IOI got it right with a character like Dom Osmond, he forced girls into prostitution, was a rapist and a serial killer, the whole sending them to Hawaii thing was very dark.


Sophia and Zoe Washington, only because they are so annoying to kill. :joy::joy::joy:


Patient zero himself… but more because of the mission mechanics.