Who Is Your Least Favorite Target?


I have to say this , Penelope Graves :angry: *drops chandelier.


Bah, I don’t like Ken Morgan. He’s not remotely interesting to me personality-wise or as a target.With his personality, he’s a prestigious lawyer that wants everything to be ready for him at his leisure and is rude to staff…mkay, well he isn’t some banker that steals billions of dollars with no and keeps a calm composure when talking to the press, and isn’t some knicker-charming general that helps a thieving banker get away from prison.

As a target, it’s like you can’t do anything with him unless you wanna drag his slow butt into the penthouse. And his bodyguard is just doing his darnest at his job for the worst.When you poison his bodyguard’s drink he throws up in the can in the same place.When you leave a weapon on the ground, his bodyguard will send someone else to handle it. When you poison Ken’s food, he doesn’t go into the bathroom but the lobby so you can’t fiber wire him or anything from the get-go. Through all of this, Ken will never be alone.

Like, there are some contracts that involve me to shoot him with a pistol, drown him, inject poison, etc but most can’t be done for silent assassin in a short-time manner because his small, lackluster cycle.

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I actually thought story wise that Ken was great. He was a giant snob jerk attorney who handled the backstabbings and other dark activities of Jordan’s dad. The conversation he has with Jordan where he explains that while he helped get him off for the girls death it was really all made to look like Dexy. Genious

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I must admit I always find Dawood Rangan or whoever he is a bit of a chore. Getting into his stupid, tacky tower is a chore, and once you’re in there, there isn’t that much to do.

Granted, I haven’t yet fully seen what can be done with that level, even though I’ve got level 20 mastery. I just vastly prefer Vanya Shah and the Maelstrom in terms of creativity and the vibes from their respective environments.

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