Who Spit the Lyrics? (Forum Game)


The music thread gave me this idea that’s been rattling around in my head for months now, so I finally just said fuck it and give it a go. I noticed some members often quoting lyrics from their favorite songs and I was curious to see just how well they know these artists. A little game for us music lovers so here’s what I have in mind – Post the verse or at least a part of the verse that the artist raps or sings, I’m thinking a minimal of three or four sentences or bars if not the whole thing.

Then another member will try to guess who it is. To make this a little easier, there will be five choices to choose from with only one being correct, and each member will have a maximum of two tries. Whoever guesses right can go next or pass their turn but if not, the same person can post another verse of their choosing or pass. While I’m mostly into Hip-hop, I don’t want to restrict the game to just one genre. Post whatever song you feel like. Hopefully that all made sense. I’ll start with one of my favorites.

-I pledge allegiance to the street and blame god
For the creation of this pitiful earth, that’s filled wit temptation
Birth was my invitation, death will be initiation
Now I just got on probation, so wish me congratulation
But I’m under investigation, for psychic evaluation
Facin incarceration, and isolation over the color discrimination
So I need the participation the caucasian assassination
Time is wastin, it’s a sticky situation
Tryin to stop my reproduction, to kill off a population
And there’s no exaggeration, so whoever in an association
Wit the nigga retaliation that needs a total cooperation
When hours of desperation, and for ya information
A confrontation will be fought by the younger generation
'cause we got determination, all we need is organization
So I use my concentration wit a jim crow education
'cause history repeats itself, ya destination’s the plantation
All come as loud as nation, that builds upon a communication
And then without a explanation, or hesitation, we have a reservation
To elite from a tree of decorations
So because of these altercations, we need to make some more duration’s
That’s being the manipulation of this whole God damn nation
And witness how they warn indication, so it’s the end of the conversation.

1:Sonny Seeza
2:Big DS
3:Sticky Fingaz
4:KRS One


I’m gonna go with Rakim, sounds like something he would say.


Good guess but incorrect. Need a hint?


I’ll take one more guess and say Sticky Fingaz; if I’m wrong, someone else try.


Correct! Nice going. Yep, Sticky Fingaz from Onxy on the track “Purse Snatchaz”. Thought that might be too tough for a minute. Your turn.


Ok I’ll find something.


Brace yourself, I’ll take you on a trip down memory lane
This is not a rap on how I’m slingin’ crack or move cocaine
This is cul-de-sac and plenty Cognac and major pain
Not the drill sergeant, but the stress that weighin’ on your brain
It was me, L Boog, and Yan Yan, YG Lucky ride down Rosecrans
It got ugly, wavin’ yo’ hand out the window – check yourself!
Uh, Warriors and Conans, Hope euphoria can slow dance
With society, the driver seat the first one to get killed
Seen a light-skinned nigga with his brains blown out
At the same burger stand where beep hang out
Now this is not a tape recorder sayin’ that he did it
But ever since that day, I was lookin’ at him different
That was back when I was nine, Joey packed the nine
Pakistan on every porch is fine, we adapt to crime
Pack a van with four guns at a time
With the sliding door, fuck is up?
Fuck you shootin’ for if you ain’t walkin’ up, you fuckin’ punk?
Pickin’ up the fuckin’ pump, pickin’ off you suckers
Suck a dick or die or sucker punch
A wall of bullets comin’ from AK’s, AR’s, “Ayy, y’all, duck!”
That’s what Momma said when we was eatin’ the free lunch
Aw man, goddamn, all hell broke loose
You killed my cousin back in ‘94, fuck yo’ truce!
Now crawl your head in that noose
You wind up dead on the news
Ain’t no peace treaty, just pieces BG’s up to pre-approve
Bodies on top of bodies, IV’s on top of IV’s
Obviously the coroner between the sheets like the Isleys
When you hop on that trolley, make sure your colors correct
Make sure you’re corporate or they’ll be callin’ your mother collect
They say the governor collect all of our taxes, except
When we in traffic and tragic happens, that shit ain’t no threat
You movin’ backwards if you suggest that you sleep with a TEC
Go buy a chopper and have a doctor on speed dial, I guess

Who said this:

  1. Nas
  2. Kendrick Lamar
  3. JAY Z
  4. 2Pac
  5. Big L.


Hmm… I’m kind of getting a Jay Z vibe.


Sorry man, that isn’t right.


It has to beeither 2Pac or Kendrick Lamar, but I think this looks like something Kendrick would say so let’s go with him.


Yeah, it’s Kendrick’s “m.A.A.d city” from the album “good kid, m.A.A.d city”.


Ok, thanks, someone else can take my turn! @Nazareth if you want to, you can go.


Just jumping in to throw my couple cents at this. Similar to the logo guessing game, the movie screenshot game and the videogame screenshot game; I think that you should not be posting the solution. I think that instesd you should give a new clue each day (something like clue 1: the author is English. Clue 2: song is from a 1992 album… etc).

The reason I feel like suggesting this is because I’ve already noticed some members say “I feel like that is something he would say” but in all coldness we don’t know if they employed ghost writers or if maybe they did write that song but someone else wrote the whole beat, etc. I do not feel right at giving undue credit. /rant.


I’ll try doing it this way then. First clue would be that the band members are both american and british.


I’m not the only soul who’s accused of hit and run,
Tire tracks all across your back, uh-huh, I can see you had your fun.
But a darling, can’t you see my signals turn from green to red
And with you I can see a traffic jam straight up ahead.


Jimi & the Experience- Crosstown traffic

'90s rapper from NY:

“I’m from the alley, not the Valley
I’m hotter than Cali, wicked like Harry
& fuck Sally… I’d rather marry Halle.
I revive crowds with live styles
Don’t hang with jive pals
Adios, ghost, I’m 5 thous…”


I made the game as I did because I wanted anyone who wants to play to have a fair chance. I mostly listen to Hip-hop but I don’t presume every member here does or is even familiar with it and might not have any idea even with hints. So this way anyone has a chance to get in. But I like your suggestion too so maybe we can allow both ways.

Yep, this is known to happen before in the music business but I’m not trying to go that deep with the game. I’m just looking for who performed the song. But if you want to credit who wrote it, feel free.


Pretty sure that’s the late and great Big L. Not sure on the track though!


Yeah, u got it Ed (8 is enuff is the track)


I was listening to a bunch of DITC stuff, and a few of his freestyles the other day; shame he went so early with that amount of talent.

Going to post a couple, just because. :smile:

e: Actually, go with this instead:

'Cold, cold eyes upon me they stare
People all around me and they’re all in fear
They don’t seem to want me but they won’t admit
I must be some kind of creature up here having fits

From my party house, I’m afraid to come outside
Although I’m filled with love I’m afraid they’ll hurt my pride
So I play the part I feel they want of me
And I pull the shades so I won’t see them seein’ me’


Well, considering that’s in one of my Spotify playlists, I’ll go with Baby Huey…

1st clue: American band…

"I studied your cartoons, radio, music, TV, movies, magazines
Richard said, “Withdrawal in disgust is not the same as apathy”