Who Spit the Lyrics? (Forum Game)


Gang Starr Speak Ya Clout.


I know this little girl
Her name is maxine
Her beauty is
Like a bunch of rose
If I ever tell you 'bout maxine
You would a say
I don’t know what I know

Murder she wrote
(Fi real fi real)
Murder she wrote
Murder she wrote
Murder she wrote

Watch ya now, it name
A pretty face and bad character
Dem the kinda livin
Can’t hold REDACTED (Follow me)
A pretty face
And bad character
Dem the kinda livin’
Can’t hold REDACTED
Seh gal yuh pretty
Yuh face it pretty
But yuh character dirty
Gal yuh just act too flirty flirty
Yuh run to Tom, Dick
An’ also Harry
An when yuh find yuh mistake
Yuh talk bout yuh sorry
Sorry, sorry (Come now)


Chaka D and Pliers - Murrrrrrrda She Wrote

Now that is a summer jammy. :sunglasses:

'Taskmaster burst the bionic zit-splitter
Breakneck speed we drown ten pints of bitter
We lean all day and some say that ain’t productive
That depend upon the demons that you’re stuck with
Cause right now, I see clearer than most
I sit here contending with this cheese on toast
I feel the pain of a third world famine
Segue, we count them blessings and keep jamming
It’s him scumbag, scum of the earth, his worth was nil
Until he gained the skill of tongues
From fifteen years young straight to my greyback self
I stay top shelf material, jerk chicken, jerk fish
Breakaway slave, bliss
Generate gees and then we stash ‘em in the Swiss
Fools can’t see this, audio pistols
A fistful of hip hop banzai, progressing in the flesh
Esoteric quotes, most frightening
Duppy took a hold of my hand while I was writing
Let go me ting, duppy, let go me hand
I summon up the power of banana clan!’


Roots Manuva -Witness the fitness… classic!

“I woke up around ten o’clock in the morning
I gave myself a stretch up, a morning yawning
Went to the bathroom to wash up
Had some soap on my face and my hand upon a cup
I said, “Um, mirror mirror on the wall
Who is the top choice of them all?”
There was a rumble dumble, five minutes it lasted
The mirror said, “You are, you conceited bastard!”
But that’s true, that’s why we never have no beef
So then I washed off the soap and brushed the gold teeth
Used Oil Of Olay cause my skin gets pale
And then I got the files for my fingernails
Due to the night and on my behalf
I put the bubbles in the tub so I could have a bubble bath
Clean, dry was my body and hair
I threw on my brand new Gucci underwear
For all the girls I might take home
I got the Johnson’s Baby Powder and the Polo cologne
Fresh dressed like a million bucks
Threw on the Bally shoes and the fly green socks
Stepped out my house stopped short, oh no
I went back in, I forgot my Kangol!”



'This is the final boarding call for flight 1259
Departing from Los Angeles final destination to St. Louis
Thank you

Damn G the spot’s gettin’ hot
So how the fuck am I supposed to make a knot?
Police looking at niggas through a microscope
In L.A. everybody and they momma sell dope
They trying to stop it
So what the fuck can I do to make a profit?
Catch a flight to St. Louis
That’s cool, cause nobody knew us
We stepped off the plane
Four gang bangers, professional crack slangers
Rented a car at wholesale
Drove to the ghetto, and checked in a motel
Unpacked and I grab the three-eighty
Cause where we stayin’, niggas look shady
But they can’t fade South Central
Cause bustin’ a cap is fundamental
Checkin’ out every block close
Seein’ which one will clock the most
Yeah this is the one no doubt
Bust a you Bone, and let’s clear these niggaz out’

It’s an album cut - still maybe too eazy? …


Is that a hint…


Yeah, kind of… :wink:



So would that be eazy e then?


It’s not Eazy E, though he did collab with this artist for a good while.

Maybe too tough as it is an album cut; quite a well known LP though!

e: I’ll reply in here, save messing with the flow of the thread.

It was Cube @Nazareth; he and Slick Rick = a couple of the best painters of pictures I’ve heard.


Ah, it’s gotta be Ice Cube then, based on the lyrics and the hint. In terms of rapping skills he was the best out of N.W.A. :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyone can take my turn.


I’ll post then. Jimi Hendrix has a song which name can be rearranged to get the name of this one. It’s on the 3rd album of his

It was once upon a place
Sometimes I listen to myself
Gonna come in first place
People on their way to work
Say “baby, what did you expect”
Gonna burst into flame


The band was formed in NY and their first album’s name had the year of its release in it.


Was holding off a bit in case anyone else wanted to go, but it’s ‘House Burning Down’ and ‘Burning Down the House’ by the mighty Talking Heads. First album was great as well!

Something different, with a great video; not sure how well known it is:

‘Negative, why always so negative?
If you have problems,
why don’t you go solve them?
Beat me up,
at least you won’t be out of touch,
If you’re such a poet,
loose(n) your tongue and show it’


Not sure if this helps, but the band name sounds a little bit like reading a list of IKEA staff… or a roll call of old Wimbledon winners. :tennis:


Peter Bjorn & John Nothign to Worry About


That’s some good timing, brother. :laughing:

Video for it, might be worth a look:


Lucifer son of the morning, I’m gonna chase you out of earth!
I’m gonna put on a iron shirt, and chase Satan out of earth
I’m gonna put on a iron shirt, and chase the devil out of earth
I’m gonna send him to outa space, to find another race
I’m gonna send him to outa space, to find another race


Hint. This song was recorded in 1976


Trying to resist posting :joy:, but it’s Max Romeo.

‘It went down like this, one little nigga snuck through the door
Peeped the scene, sniped a few, then crept through with two more
Heads were gettin nervous, that’s three now they want to break north
Too late – five more tore the door straight the fuck off
It’s on now; gettin down in the trenches
Eight soldiers gettin in mo’ ass than splinters on raggedy benches
Since it’s war, ain’t shit sweet this clik
disperse and then they transform to chess pieces’


I’m roughly 70% certain that’s Heltah Skeltah. Can’t quite remember the song though.

So I took blah-blah’s word for it at this time
I thought just havin’ a friend couldn’t be no crime
‘Cause I have friends and that’s a fact
Like Agnes, Agatha, Germaine, and Jacq
Forget about that, let’s go into the story
About a girl named blah-blah-blah that adored me
So we started talkin’, getttin’ familiar
Spendin’ a lot of time so we can build up
A relationship or some understanding
How it’s gonna be in the future we was plannin’
Everything sounded so dandy and sweet
I had no idea I was in for a treat
After this was established, everything was cool
The tour was over and she went back to school
I called every day to see how she was doin’
Every time that I called her it seemed somethin’ was brewin’
I called her on my dime, picked up, and then I called again
I said, yo, who was that? Oh, he’s just a friend