Who Spit the Lyrics? (Forum Game)


Here’s some more hints that might help and feel free to look it up if you need. He also did hit songs titled “You send for Me” “Cupid” and “Chain Gang”.


I have actually listened to Chain Gang but never paid attention to its author. It has got to be Sam Cooke then. I guess it’s finally time to download some of his albums


Correct! One of favorite joints.


Probably, my second favourite artist.

Where the fuck did Monday go?
I’m cold to this pig and pug show
I’m sittin’ in the chestnut tree
Who the fuck’s gonna mess with me?


The thin white duke

Someone else can take my go.


As nobody else does, I will post again. That should be an easy one.

In her false witness
Hope you’re still with us
To see if they float or drown
Our favorite patient
A display of patience
Disease-covered Puget sound
She’ll come back as fire
To burn all the liars
Leave a blanket of ash on the ground


I’ll leave this one for now just to see if anyone else wants the chance to answer…

But I meant to ask this in my last reply, just out of curiosity, if Bowie is your 2nd favourite artist, who’s your 1st?


That would be the answer to the current puzzle.


Aha! good man… they’re my 2nd fave… after Black Sabbath :metal:


Even though I haven’t listened to a lot of their stuff, N.I.B. is easily in top 20 of my favourite songs of all time. It’s stuck in my head when I first listened to it and I often find my friends irritated by me singing the basic rhythm. :grinning: I also noticed that it is pretty similar to Clapton’s Cocaine as it also goes E E D E in the first half of every measure


Yeah it does, it’s funny because at the time everyone thought N.I.B. sounded a bit like Cream, there’s always subtle influences back & forth somewhere along the line.


Can’t think of any other hints that would not make it completely obvious. So, the first album featured a cover of a dutch song which (i mean the cover) was called inferior by one of the authors of the original.


I’m guessing folks are a little distracted with the Season 2 news at the moment. No worries, they’ll be back in due time. :slight_smile:


Still gotta post sometimes to keep the thread alive as otherwise it will go down pretty quickly


I went ahead and decided to dig it up. It’s Nirvana on the song “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle”

be puttin it down, I’m the hottest round
I told y’all mother(skurt), y’all can’t stop me
Listen to me now, I’m lastin twenty rounds
And if you want me (Nigga) then come on get me now
Is you with me now (Yes) then biggie biggie bounce
I know you dig the way I sw-sw-switch my style
(Holla!!) People sing around (Yes)
Now people gather round, now people jump around

Is that your chick??? People you don’t know?
Me and Timbaland been hot since twenty years ago
What da dilly yo, now what da drilly yo
If you wanna battle me then (Nigga) lemme know
(Holla!!) Got to feel it son
Lemme throw you some… {Aap to mujko}
People here I come, now sweat me when I’m done
We got the radio shook like we got a gun

Quiet, shh, hush yo mouth
Silence when I, spit it out in yo face
Open yo mouth, give you a taste
Ain’t no stoppin’ me copy written so, don’t copy me
Y’all do it, sloppily and y’all can’t come, close to me

I know you feel me now, I know you hear me loud
(Yes, yes)
I scream it loud and proud Missy gon’ blow it down
(Yes, yes)
People gon play me now in and outta town
(Yes, yes)
'Cuz I’m the best around with the crazy style
(Yes, go)


Get Ur Freak On. Missy Elliott


Yes indeed! Didn’t think anyone would get that so quickly.


He ruled the Russian land and never mind the czar
But the cassock he danced really wunderbar
In all affairs of state he was the man to please
But he was real great when he had a girl to squeeze
For the queen he was no wheeler dealer
Though she’d heard the things he’d done
She believed he was a holy healer
Who would heal her son


Easy, that’s Boney M’s Rasputin!


Yes, one of the greatest songs ever.