WHO Standard Video Game Addiction Survey


So… how did you fare? :stuck_out_tongue:


My Survey Result:

Here’s mine

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Interesting! I find the radial display of the result more revealing than the text as I think all the text descriptions are the same.

Guarantee this would have looked worse 12 months ago.

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Social motivation 10/20

Escape motivation 14/20

Competition motivation 6/20

Coping motivation 14/20

Skill development motivation 17/20

Fantasy motivation 11/20

Recreation motivation 15/15

Sorry for not posting an image.

Re: Competition Motivation… Almost never - do I play competitively. But the handful of times I’ve played in ghost-mode - I wasn’t too worried about winning, probably because I knew I wasn’t that good and wasn’t worried about the outcome. But I will say the few times I was absolutely trashed - that did make for a more tense, slightly nerve wracking experience. To the point that I just didn’t care to play again;
“Yeah, whatever.” is what I’d say.

Even back in 2001 or 2002, at the college I was attending for (whatever), some of the other students would play this medieval multiplayer (vs) game that had an isometric overhead view (via LAN), it was probably Diablo or something… Anyway, I would play with the others sometimes, but it often left me driving home (after class was over) extremely irritated.

I find my attitude to be similar.

When I play games like DIRTY BOMB or PALADINS I play to Class or Role. So in DIRTY BOMB, and especially back in EVOLVE, that usually means I’m Medic and if I top healing I don’t care much if the match went our way or not. In fact sometimes I’m happier when the team loses and I get stupid high healing score. In EVOLVE, sometimes even the Monster player would go on Global Chat just to say what a headache I was as Medic to deal with.

Same thing with MECHWARRIOR ONLINE. I come up with a mech for a specific purpose and as long as I was able to do my job, I’m pretty chuffed. Recently that has been about running around in a 12 Machine-Gun Piranha and shredding the legs off all the enemies I encounter even until death. The way I count success in Piranha is that each Mech per Tonne I can get rid of would be worth more than my paltry 20 tonnes of Piranha. So for me taking down 80 tonners or anything is already a win. If I get 2 or more kills, that’s heaven. In fact, given the speed and ferocity of 12 machine guns, if 3 enemies go down in MWO, that’s usually when your team starts to smell blood and they gain the courage to wipe out the enemy. Sure two shots later I’m dead, but I would have considered it Mission Accomplished.

On PALADINS I have found I can play more classes. I tank as Khan, I provide cover fire as Vivian, Area Denial and Heals as Mal’Damba… I’m more concerned about topping my class than winning the match - although I have made the odd strategic call here and there.

I’m not usually a fan of modes where I have to compete directly in the same class, so I have never played Ghost Mode in HITMAN 2 for example. But if I did I would pretty much approach it like you did.

So that kind of reflects in our results I guess. We’re only mildly competitive and it’s more about whether we did what we set out to do. Skill Development > Competitive Motivation.

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Social motivation 8/20

You are mostly a social gamer. You like the pleasure of getting to know people, being with others, and playing together with other fellow gamers.

Escape motivation 4/20

You are the type of gamer that enjoys being immersed in an alternative and fun reality. You enjoy this aspect because it makes you forget what is going on around you in real life.

Competition motivation 7/20

You are the type of gamer that loves the adrenaline of competition. This means you take competition within games very seriously. You probably enjoy some player vs. player as it allows you to compete with other gamers and defeat them, so you can feel a sense of achievement.

Coping motivation 4/20

You are the type of gamer that enjoys the powerful way in which gaming helps you cope with life in general. For you gaming is like a remedy because it allows you to better manage your emotions and mood. As a consequence, you probably play to feel better about yourself.

Skill development motivation 8/20

You are the type of gamer that enjoys developing your own skills. For you, gaming is like a tool that helps you to improve yourself. You enjoy how gaming helps you to improve your coordination, concentration and other skills.

Fantasy motivation 4/20

You are the type of gamer that enjoys stepping out of your usual identity. You like trying new identities in a different fantasy world and trying things that you cannot do in real life. You may enjoy playing role-playing games as these games allow you to achieve this.

Recreation motivation 6/15

You are the type of gamer that simply enjoy how gaming can be a powerful tool for killing boredom. You probably play because you like to be entertained, so you enjoy a lot of recreation offered by games.

Im wondering how true it is.

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My results

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Seems so far we are pretty well adjusted. :slight_smile:

It seems we are all mostly the same save for Social Motivation and Escape Motivation.