Why a Blood money 2 could be a potential future Hitman Project after Hitman 3

The Hitman series after Hitman 3 which is scheduled to release in 2020 should always follow the Blood Money Pattern. Hitman Blood Money is the most beautiful Hitman game of all time. Its a fan favourite. In terms of graphics,gameplay,storylineetc. Blood Money beats the rest.

As a die-hard fan of the Hitman Games, my favourite was and still is Blood Money. The game was released in 2006. Having played it back in 2009, its 10 years since the the Company went on to make more Hitman games. Absolution was good but in terms of game mechanics and game-play features, but it disappoints most players as there were only few missions which were ‘real’ Hitman missions. For eg:- The King of Chinatown, A Personal Contract,Terminus,Black Water Park, Hunter and Hunted, Attack of the Saints, Shaving Lenny and End of the Road,Vixen Club,Death Factory,Skurky’s Law etc.

Absolution had Point Shooting which was amazing, sadly it didnt continue in Hitman 2016 and 2018 sequels, Absolution also had kill cams.

Hitman 2016 and 2018 games were excellent. Hitman 2 Silent Assassin was a classic Hitman game with 20 + missions. but it fares poorly in terms of current generation graphics.

Anathema was the best mission in that game. Killing a Don in Sicily was an original idea.

However Blood Money beats all the above games.

Its graphics were realistic,its storyline justifiable, weapon upgrades, etc.

The most striking factor of Blood Money was how the game had some of the most iconic missions:

1.Curtains Down

2.A Vintage Year

3.A New Life

  1. You Better Watch Out

  2. The Murder of Crows

  3. Till Death Do Us Part

7.Death on the Mississippi

8.A house of Cards

  1. A Dance with the Devil (best mission)


There is a ‘mission flow’ in Blood money as compared to Absolution; making the latter lose out in its sales.Blood Money shows that 47 can assassinate anyone. Even the White house cannot stop him from reaching his target. I didnt mention Requim cuz its not really a mission. Beldingford Manor would have been a great additional mission in Blood Money.

The success of Hitman Blood Money is the exact reason why we need something like a Hitman Blood Money 2 in future after Hitman 3 2020 completes the series.

Blood Money 2 must have atleast 15 levels. Levels may be smaller than current Hitman sandbox missions but the gameplay will be awesome.

Add mechanics from Absolution such as Point Shooting and Instinct and the gameplay will be awesome. Add Silenced Pistol Takedown and Ninja suit from current Hitman games and it will be the best thing 47 can offer. Hitman’s unique tech-savvy hideout will be a game-changer.

If you read this, please do consider Blood Money style hitman concept for future Hitman games.

I’m pretty sure the tone in your post is the most likely starting point of what became HITMAN 2016. In one way you are correct to point out the level escalation in BLOOD MONEY. Your first location is some abandoned carnival, and you go all the way to the White House and then an impossible situation in the Jubilee Church replica.

This was indeed awesome. But it is not sustainable.

This is also why in some ways I think it was important to sort of go away from further escalation and sort of expand laterally… allowing 47 to attack places that are potentially as challenging as the White House (eg: an entire race track venue, an isolated Siberian prison) while avoiding an ever increasing scale of absurdity (such as 47 trying to assassinate a target in space).

The thing is, we don’t need it. The story for HITMAN Blood Money was told and has a bow wrapped around it. You can say “but we don’t know what happened post blood money” and though you have a point I can say that those events are explained in novels which are canon I might add. Blood Money like all previous HITMAN Games were a product of its time. The Providence Trilogy is a culmination of Absolution and The original Anthology HITMAN Games. HITMAN Blood Money 2 would solely exist just to profit off the name and name alone since the game is held fondly among a lot people.

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I don’t mind IO toying around with real life locations such as The White House. Something about locations with alot of security are special and provide a healthy challenge for the series. I wouldn’t mind Buckingham Palace or another military facility in the future.

Yes. All true. Just pointing out that the pattern praised by the OP, one of ever increasing escalation, is just not feasible.

In a way what happened to Hitman after BLOOD MONEY and ABSOLUTION is the same thing that happened to 007 after DIE ANOTHER DAY. Once the latest adventure featured an entire automated palace built out of ice, two weaponized sports cars (one of which could turn invisible), a car chase that went in and out of aforementioned ice palace, a henchman with diamonds encrusted in his face, yet another killer laser satellite, and a power-armor wearing supervillain played by two actors… The only recourse really was to sort of “replace all the goalposts”. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Isnt 47 a lot like 007?


Most Hitman fans were expecting another game like Blood Money. That includes me. But they ave us Absolution instead.


Yes… you and a lot of us… But ABSOLUTION is a sin long forgiven (at least in my book). IOI have proven that they did not forget how to make a proper Sandbox Assassination Game after ABSOLUTION.

I think I understand your concerns that there is maybe less “excitement” about the “adventure” because it feels more like 47 is touring the world and it doesn’t always feel like the next challenge is more exhilirating than the last. You will note the hype surrounding the Bank and Haven was more about the “gimmick” of the location - the vault, the botched bank robbery, the amenities of the Haven resort… the atmosphere on the island - It wasn’t like we went from the White House to attacking Fort Knox or as someone suggested… Buckingham Palace.

But for now I feel this is an acceptable mode. IOI are at a stage where their tools need to develop in order to deliver the experiences you are talking about in a way that would satisfy rather than disappoint.

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Blood Money is so overrated and half of the Missions are kinda shitty, but that’s just my opinion.


What are you saying…

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Death of a Showman, Flatline, Till Death Do Us Part, Death on the Mississippi, Amendment - those range from mediocre to absolutely awful.


Death of a Showman was bad in the sense that it was the tutorial level… and designed almost like a tunnel. If this map came out today it would be derided as worse than the tutorial missions from HITMAN or HITMAN 2.

Also agreed with your other choices except Flatline. I replayed that mission the most alongside You Better Watch Out and A House of Cards.

No coincidence I also love Hokkaido considering I liked Flatline. :wink:

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Like many others I find Blood Money to be overrated in every aspect, the story isn’t anything special and is almost non existence. Hitman 2 Silent Assassin is in my opinion the king of Hitman games, the story hits the perfect balance regarding how integrate a plot into the franchise. I always preferred SA and Contracts to BM and I prefer most Hitman games to BM.

The spiritual successor to BM we got in H16 and H2 with the gameplay improvements of Absolution. I don’t need a second Blood Money after this trilogy has concluded, we already have that and don’t need it.


It makes my skin crawl whenever I see someone say that Blood Money is overrated. Half of the levels in C47 and SA are very linear in comparison to Contracts and BM. But the levels in Contracts were all disconnected from each other.

Blood Money finally brought a sense of genuine continuity by displaying the consequences of your actions through the newspaper and notoriety system, which would then actually affect your next mission if you didn’t pay for bribes or a new identity. It was the only point in the series where achieving the Silent Assassin rating meant more than just mediocre unlocks and brownie points. In the other games, you can massacre the entire level and in the next mission everything’s back to normal - like it never happened.

Now it feels like the majority of fans care mostly about the in-mission gameplay and isolated stories. Seems there’ll never been another Hitman game which brings that same epic feeling that Blood Money did.


I played Death of a Showman back in the day…and never played more of Blood Money until a couple of days ago when I picked up the HD collection. It teaches you the mechanics of the game but its linearity does a poor job of giving you a sense of the overall gameplay, unlike the 2016 tutorials which are smaller, tighter versions of the main maps.

I’ve been trying not to judge BM by H16/H2 standards, but I do find the BM controls clunky (though part of that is just that they’re different) and the lack of options is frustrating sometimes. I killed the actor in Curtains Down in his dressing room only to discover that, unless I’m missing something (always a possibility), the other target doesn’t move from his (heavily guarded) seat unless you kill the actor on stage. Frustrating when you’re used to having eighteen different ways to move people around.

But the music is amazing. (Sometimes distractingly so.)

Overall, I’m having a great time with it, though, and get why, especially, if you played it 10-15 years ago, people love it enough to be willing to fight people who say bad things about it, even if I (at least so far) tend to prefer the recent games.

As for future games, I don’t care so much what secondary name they put after Hitman as long as they keep improving gameplay and giving players more options.

(And space kills. Lots and lots of space kills. :wink:)


thats one of the things BM handled very badly, imo. the Newspaper is just a little text with blanks for your rating and the weapons you’ve used. its just a Stats Screen and before you get the newspaper you get to see an actual Stats Screen. its redundant. also it always bugged me that your Hit always is frontpage of the Newspaper, i would have loved it if it would show just a small notice of an accident or something instead of POLICE SEARCHES FOR SILENT ASSASSIN, every time. or at least get rid of the other stats screen.

again, i like the idea, but it doesn’t really affect anything most of the time and you have enough money to bribe everyone - but to be fair, Codename 47s Money System also suffers from the same problem.

i feel the same way about Hitman SA.


Exactly, always found it strange how people loved those so much. The concept is nice, the execution however terrible, bland and repetetive.


Yeah Flatline was OK. It was just lame. But we may probably get the feel of BM and SA in the future games after Hitman 3. Reason Im saying this is there is a vast improvement in gameplay in Hitman 2016 as compared to absolution.

“Blood Money” “Best graphics”



Blood Money is only a companion piece for Contracts and I said it first here folks.

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