Why A Skyscraper Wouldnt Work


You don’t have to make every single floor accessible to make the map interesting. There could be a lobby, a restaurant on an upper floor and a few more floor in between. Take Whittleton Creek for example: It’s a small map and you can’t even enter every single house but it’s still a very atmospheric map. Nobody is going to complain about not being able to explore 30 floors of generic office rooms.

Sniper assassin is still possible. Lure your target to a terrace or roof on a lower floor and then snipe him from above. Or trigger his helicopter escape and then snip ehim while he’s sitting in his getaway helicopter. Maybe the second target even arrives via helicopter and you can kill him with a sniper before he even sets a foot into the building?

The biggest issue seems to be that their current engine is having troubles with elevators and a skyscraper without an elevator makes no sense.




Also, a skyscraper level assumes the introduction of elevators into the reboot. Obviously we are not going to climb 50 floors



Unless 47 just starts in the waiting room of the targets section of the building. I think you can do something with a skyscraper if you get creative.



Not the best film… but a great baseline if you’re thinking of how to make a Skyscraper work in HITMAN.

Of particular interest are the alternative routes of navigation to go up and down the floors of the tall building featured in this film, including use of a construction crane from another nearby site, and a massive ventilation and coolant system that can be used for alternative navigation once shutdown.

Consider also how said construction crane, with proper setup and timing, can also be destroyed to collapse right on the Target at the right opportunity…Sabotaged helicopter escapes and so on…

And as icing on the cake… consider the possibility that we get a special pair of sticky gloves as an unlockable for Mastery Level 20…

Think of the gameplay possibilities



Well there would have too be three possibilities we have when it comes to having a sckyscraper level.

The first is something akin to a larger version of The Jacuzzi Job where we have a civilian penthouse. Maybe it could be a multi-leveled affair unlike tJJ

The second is a private business again it would be over multiple levels but it would most likely be a bonus missions.

The third would be some sort of combination of both private office and penthouse apartments.



How about… the Target arrives via helicopter!
You can speedrun the contract by running to a certain spot and sniping the Target through the helicopter window before he can land and just exit! Hahaha.

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Mumbai has a skyscraper…

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No thats a tower. A skyscraper would be the map and not the surrounding areas



It would depend on the building use if it was a single company building like a giant bank or corporate HQ it would be quite dull just floors full of desks and offices. If it was a mixed multiple use skyscraper with lots of different firms operating in and businesses like hotels, restaurants, gyms, facilities for the workers of the building, it would be good.

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A House of Cards in Blood Money was basically a skyscraper, wasn’t it?

“It is a very large casino.”

Thanks, sheik. There were only a couple of floors you could go on when you got out of the elevator, although you could crawl around on the outside of the building.

“It is a very large casino.”

A very deserted casino, more like it. I could imagine a Die Hard scenario, maybe with a skyscraper still under construction, with lots of air vents and a security vault you had to bust into before killing Hans Gruber. Could be fun.

“It is a very large casino.”

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I agree about the lack of elevations killing the level before it begins. If we can pretend elevators make a come back then I think the skyscraper would be really fun.
You don’t need to access every level. Remember prefect dark? You just go between the lobby and the top 3 or 4 floors. Once you get to the bottom of those you use a separate elevator to go between them. This is actually how most super talls work. You go from the lobby to whichever elevator bank has your set of floors. It’s a giant pain in the ass for my wife who’s company covers 33% of a singe building. She constantly has to take an elevator all the way down to the lobby to then go across the hall to other elevators to go back up to a floor that is only 6 floors from here, but falls into a different grouping. I’d say in our level the target is in the upper floors but also goes to his friends office in the middle somewhere. Now we have a lower lobby and maybe 1 basement are, 3 floors around the 50 story level and 3 more up at the top. That would be really fun.
The floors don’t have to be any bit identical. They can be, but really only the elevator shaft has to be in the same spot. Big sky scrapers have mid lobbies with restaurants and pubs in them too. So maybe there is a floor with 2 restaurants and a potty. Lots of standard approach methods there.
The sniper problem: 2 fixes for this. 1) the buildings basement can get you to another building where you can access a service elevator and go up to make a shot. 2) you can somehow trigger the target to leave and shoot down on him as he leaves the building.



I`m afraid in 2k19 not exist technologies to make elevators in games( they was lost… I serious - no one game in all 2010s not have elevators! i think this was super-druper alien technology and they take it back

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Hahaha 20 giggles



This is why IO needs to add elevators.

  • Stairs
  • Window Washers
  • Pipes
  • Certain Rappel Points (Make the Climbing Gear, what it is described as)
  • Ziplines

I would say dual skyscrapers with a bridge would be better, that allows vertically aswell as horizontal distance. A lot of opportunities are able there. I would hope to see helicopters and stuff flying nearby. Maybe a CICADA chopper with weapons. You call it in and it shoots into the building.

I think Basement Killing Skyscrapers would be great and have a plaza area below that you can walk onto like Miami.

Make Elevators Great Again



Goddamn. I’m afraid the technology available to buy you an English grammar book has not been invented yet. Skyscraper map would be amazing if there were at least 10 accessible floors, a penthouse office type building, something like Trump Tower with multiple shops, restaurants, a hotel, and an office section.



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