Why are consoles locked at only 30 fps?

i dont play consoles i play games on pc but im curious to understand why the makers of consoles do this are they not capable?

Depends on the game. Generally you want to balance frame rate and graphic settings. And as consoles are a fixed system with known components developers do the decision for you. 30fps means more power for textures, effects, shadows so your game looks better. Games which need high fps like a fps game (couldn’t resist here, I talk about first-person-shooter) do that less often.

Another reason could be game physics, that might be connected to the fps. There are games that have locked physic frames, and some have dynamic frames. These are not the same as fps, as fps are about rendering the picture and physics frames are about calculating the next “step” for physical objects.

To optimize the process both might not be isolated but connected in some way. To optimize it further both are locked to the same rate, 30 per second. This makes bugfixes easier as well as other, dynamic solutions, might make pinning down issues harder. Like when a bug only happens at 50fps and not at 30.

What I can also imagine is that if you include video material in your game, like a video message on a computer, syncing them with the actual fps makes it not stutter. And that is easy to do when both the graphic department and the framework department know it is fixed 30fps.


Didn’t H2016 run at 60 fps? Not always but it was more than 30

Learned a lot from you post. Thanks. I only really play console. I have a computer but I think the only game I have on it is Axis and Allies online and a app that lets me play poker. Nothing graphic intensive. Does what you are saying mean that for some games, changing the FPS could change the speed at which the game moves?

Yes that could happen.

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There’s an option to cap the framerate at 30fps or to cap it at 60. There’s only a couple places where the framerate reaches 60 though, the kitchen in Freeform Training being one of them.

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Can anyone actually see the difference? My eyes can not. I am also guess that if the consoles fix the rate steady at 30, then it has been determined by Sony, Nintendo, and Mircrosoft that 30 is good enough for a highly demanding modern game audience.

30 FPS looks like crap in most games to me on my PC. 30 FPS is smooth as butter on a console hooked to a TV.

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It must be a difference in the tv to pc minister and or the distance you are away from the screen. Thanks for answering though. Like I said, I don’t really have a suitable pc game to go experiment with. Actually my computer is jsut a laptop anyway- one that isn’t designed for games.