Why are they shooting at me?

So I’m playing “Curtains Down” at “normal” level. I decide to try the conventional route for a “silent assassin” rating. I collect the WW1 pistol from the reception guard and then knock out the worker in the gents’ toilet to acquire his outfit. I then go backstage during which time I collect the keycard for the lights room and set a bomb above the chandelier. I swap pistols in the changing room before making my way up to the lights room to watch the show. I don’t generate any alerts up to this point. After the guy onstage gets shot and I successfully drop the chandelier to kill his boyfriend, I leave the light room. I don’t know if it is relevant or not but, rightly or wrongly, I crouched behind the lights panel rather than stand while doing this. After I leave the room, every guard that I come across starts shooting at me on sight. What gives? Did somebody see me leave the actor’s room after swapping pistols and put two and two together after not raising the alert at the time? What other explanation could there be?

Blood Money is utterly banjaxed

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I believe Curtains Down is notorious for having a few weird AI bugs including some psychic security guards, especially around the lights room. Usually results in either random witnesses or getting spontaneously compromised.


As soon as the opera man dies, they will rush to the location and highly be suspicious.
Either leave the area quickly or be sure to be far enough from guards who are investigating the scene.

Your case happened to me multiple times because i was too close of guards investigating the area.
But as soon as i was close from the exit door, i could go away safely :+1:

Good luck Agent :wink:

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Sir,could you help me dealing with the issue about having trailer missed in pc version?