Why are we able to know their name ahead of time?

I have just found that we could know the characters’ name from the subtitle if the “Subtitle Speaker Indicator” is turned on BEFORE his/her identity is actually revealed.
Don’t you think it would ruin the sense of mystery of the Shadow Client\the Constant\the Partners?


Just a fuckup in h3.

Not really a huge issue. They dont start Grey’s dialogue with “47’s secret brother, Lucas Grey:” or “The Constant, who will betray the partners and be the villain of the trilogy:” It’s probably fine but I’m not a deaf player playing the trilogy for the first time so really my opinion is stupid dogshit and we should ask someone whos done that if someone whos deaf and played with the speaker indicator if it ruined the reveals of the story


That is true. But IO still manage to spoil it anyway.

If a new player that hasn’t played any of the games before purchases the game and all the Legacy DLC, when they launch the game the first thing they’ll see is the “Story So Far” recap video, which spoils everything from the first two games, before the game dumps them in Dubai. :confused:

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Actually I’m pretty sure on initial startup you get a message box that pops up, asking you if you want to start at the beginning of Hitman 3 or the beginning of the Trilogy with the ICA Facility (since it’s free with the base game).

It only appears once, but it is something of a safeguard.

As far as I know, that screen doesn’t show up immediately because the game definitely starts up with the recap - I convinced a friend to play the game and I got a message a few minutes after he went to start playing it telling me that the game had just spoiled two thirds of itself.

I even tested it myself by creating an alternate account on my PS5 and it did it there too.

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so does it in H2
When you start the Nightcall mission for the first time you see a similar “the story so far” recap with Grey talking about what happened in H1… You could still watch it any time by choosing the boat as a starting location in Nightcall (would anyone ever play the mission but not starting from the office once they got master level 5? :sweat_smile:)

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I found a video I recorded some time ago, and the game showed the message BEFORE the recap.

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Maybe it has to do with the account having access to Dubai or not? Or already imported progression from Hitman 2?

I’m sure when I first opened H3 both at launch, and trying out Stadia a month or so ago, the message displayed first, right after brightness and subtitles settings.

I don’t think it’s that much of an issue, cause it’s not like the characters in-game have learned their name. From the cutscenes in 2016 we learn that the shadow client is closely connected to 47 and the mysterious guy with a bird pin on his lapel is a high ranking member of Providence. That’s more important than learning their names.

I’d argue revealing the Partner’s names early is a change for the better, as we can immediately associate the names with the faces. After Isle of Sgail when the Constant revealed their identities there was no way to know who was who until you played the DLC New York mission.


This isn’t any different than in a movie though is it? If you throw Back to the Future 3 in your DVD player and the closed captioning tell you that “Doc” is talking, how is that any different? It doesn’t really have any bearing on the actual story to know that Stuyvesant and Carlisle are their names at all.

There’s a lot of examples of things in movies outright spoiling later moments. I understand that in the first Iron Man movie, if you happened to know Urdu the whole movie was spoiled in the very beginning. Anyone who read the original 1977 novel of Star Wars knew that Palpatine was actually the Emperor/Sidious when they got around to The Phantom Menace. There are a lot of ways of spoiling plot twists. Closed Captioning is just one of them.

This becomes an issue first after someone has gotten to know the story.

Being a legally deaf person I can tell you that knowing who says what is critical to completely understanding the plot. So the names has to stay.

It isn’t really a problem after all. It is not like you understand anything secretive by learning their names early. A problem created merely after the fact that the story has been fully played through.