Why aren't Elusive Targets re-playable with no rewards?

While I fully understand that Elusive Targets are meant to be a one time thing for leaderboards, rewards, and even for something as simple as those that want to have a pretty “Eliminated” on the elusive target portrait, which is all fine…

But why is the content locked off forever just for pure gameplay re-playability?

It seems like considerable development time and cost goes into them with animated openings, voice over Intros, as well as paying money for guest appearances such as Sean Bean, so I’m not sure why all the outlay of money and resources is wasted after one week… seems like a huge financial mistake. I mean this seriously, as I can only assume the point of paying a guest star is to draw in fans to play such content… they can’t seriously expect every fan on the planet of a given guest star or even just the fans of a particular in-game location/map to be available on the same exact week; so I’m curious if they have stated any reason why these missions are not re-playable in a non-gain manner, if it’s technical it’s seems like this should be a top priority to change.

Again, to be clear by non-gain, I literally mean players gaining NOTHING new from the re-play other than just the entertainment of playing the game content that IOI has already spent their money and dedicated time and resources to create. The target portrait can remain forever “Failed” or “Missed”, career stats unchanged, the re-play can be called training, a memory, or just ignored as irrelevant, but it would give more people a reason to buy their game in the future at literally no cost to IOI, in fact again it’s money IOI has already spent, so why not profit from it. May even draw in fans at a later date who didn’t even know about a guest star, such as Sean Bean, I know I didn’t.

Just seems like a massive wasted opportunity and resource expenditure with no good reason behind it as long as they lock of any changes to mission status and rewards after the first attempt or time has expired.


i agree, it is a waste, but IO doesn’t seem to care that they’re wasting this content so :woman_shrugging:

also the animated openings aren’t really wasted, they’re always available in the ET menu

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I don’t really see the point of this thread…
If you new to Hitman or missed any Elusive Target while premier arriving, the reactivation will grant you all rewards for completing Elusive Target missions. Unless you fail or miss it again, of course.
Elusive Target is called elusive not just for fun. It’s called that way cuz you have only one single chance to eliminate it. If you slept, you lost. That’s it. No second chances. That’s good and fair.
So, if you ever failed an Elusive, you won’t be able to replay it.
Anyway the reactivation of HITMAN 2 Elusive Targets not confirmed yet, so this talking is pointless.
We are not even at half way of Elusive Targets yet. We’ve only just started. So wait for all the forthcoming Elusive Targets to arrive and to get some prize for eliminating them. There should be at least two targets by each location, so you will get your chance for a reward.

For now you can liquidate old Elusive Targets in old locations.
On March 29 we’ll have The Black Hat in Paris. So get prepared


I’m they will be replayable at the end of all seasons, when they’ll finish to work on this game and not to waste a lot of content, they will make all content replayable. Elusive targets and seasonal missions.
It’s my dream. We would have a lot of missions more. It would be even more cool if they include in Hitman 2 the “Sarajevo six” campaign

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The fact that people still start whiny threads like this about Elusive Targets nearly three years after the first one came out in 2016 is proof what an effective marketing and promotional concept it was in the first place.

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