Why cant i do this

I want to place THAT charge in THAT back

Why can’t you further explain this with texts?

The only thing you can do is crouch down and place (or even drop) it on the ground. Then detonate it.

Placing explosives on targets/npcs has never been possible. You could use an explosive duck or explosive phone. They will pick those up.


Oh I am sorry. I thought instead of posting one picture with merely a title is not worth starting a new thread. What you can explain further is the reason why you want this happen. With some texts, your post will look richer.

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Well, explosive devices don’t usually come with the ability to quickly adhere themselves to human skin.

I know, absolute madness.


Plus a human being would notice the mild explosive stuck to their back. This is also sheer lunacy as well.

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yeah, and the explosive phone or obvious poison being SA are completely logical

give me at least this which something that is not useful but a lot of fun

The explosive phone is not silent assasin if you’re referring to the electrocution phone I think that’s a pretty stupid item. The poisons aren’t all that logical as an item, but at least they aren’t OP and have a great use. Also if it helps, you’re able to place charges on the back of chairs too. If you have access, try this on a chair that a guard is sitting on in the bank.

you cant stick it to her body, but you can stick items to props NPCs are holding. it wont follow them around, but its better than nothing


Why can’t I hold my briefcase while draging body? I can do that in blood money. Why can’t I swipe keycard while holding a briefcase? Why can’t I hold my briefcase while on ledge?

because it’s not an option, it’s impossible.

if there isn’t any more activity on the thread i’ll go ahead and move it into reg. purgatory

its obviously a suggestion, a requested feature, not a question to be answered