Why Diana is a garbage character


There’s already a topic about Diana talking too much but there needs to be a topic about why she’s such a bad character.
Diana had a lot of potential to be a good character but in an effort to rebrand the series from crime to a crime fighting game, they mutilated the character. First instead of just making a new character they changed Diana from an obvious old lady to a young woman, and they also showed her face.

In the comic books Diana actually believes that she’s not a killer because she does it via proxy. Not only is she a murderer but she does it in a sleazy way.



I feel like you might have had similar problems with the current direction as I did, but maybe you are describing it differently.

Because saying a character is in a “bad spot” or is a “bad character” or “garbage character” can come from the same place, you might want to take a look at this. Particularly because, for example, in trying to solve my problem… one of the proposed solutions is that Diana be re-jigged to embrace her position as a cold-hearted broker of death… something you have a problem with when Diana likes to pretend she’s a good person.



I think the story-tellers at IO pretty much messed up every character in the franchise. I think at this point we should just thank our lucky stars that 47 himself was (somewhat) spared in this dull, cliché-ridden narrative of good versus bad. Though the advent of the taunting avatars doesn’t bode well for 47 either.

Diana stirs up most of the animosity because she started off so promisingly. A mysterious name a screen. No information, just your only link to your employer and a feeble one at that. 47 was alone in his job, and the mystery surrounding Diana Burnwood only further emphasized that. Later, when she became a voice and even a face-less body, it was clear she was on top of things, but still distant and professional, much in the same vein as 47 himself. There was no way of knowing Diana was even her real name.

But now this is completely ruined.

Reason one: lack of mystery. After seeing her naked in the shower, her entire narrative has been denuded and demystified.

Reason two: due to lack in consistent story-telling she comes off as a hypocrite, employing double standards as she sees fit but upholding an air of moral superiority that she in no way merits.

Reason three: this air of superiority doesn’t only extend to the moral area, but also to her relationhip which 47. The way she talks to him, the way she talks about him. Nothing is left of the “47 being in it alone”, 47 standing apart fromt he rest. Diana, like a parasite, latched on to 47. She think it’s fitting she meddles in his past and that she tells him how to do what during his missions.

So it’s not surprising that a lot of people, like me, want to shake off this parasite and simply get rid of her at this point.



47 that is one of the Mumbai Chawls



“What will you think of next” she’s always up 47’s ar*e :smile:



47, once you have left whittleton creek I will notify providence of our “discovery”



Hitman Martin Blank (John Cusack) certainly agrees… Here in this scene he is arguing the bounds of relationships in the business with Grocer (Dan Aykroyd) who aspires himself to become the “Controller” of a unionized group of Hitmen.



The franchise needs to evolve though? I agree she talks way too much and her dialogue is cringeworthy at times but for the story to pan out the way it has they had to bring her character into the game more and they have, revealing her identity etc. If they could tone down the amount of crappy comments she makes at ridiculous times I don’t think she’d be that bad.



Diana was perfect when she just gave you intel and was hidden all the time.
The best of her is in Blood Money for me. Present but at the same time hidden.



This thread is pointless and stupid



Her story might not have been perfect, but she’s NOT USELESS AT ALL!

What are you talking about bruh! She’s one of the best ICA assets ever! At this point of the story she deserves the Director chair for what she have done with 47 through all those years :smile:

Personnally i loved the story. I just wish that the cinematics weren’t just simple steady images with some effects, but real cinematics!

We don’t need Square-Enix levels of cinematics, that level of cinematics is enough:

And you’ve just shown us that you’re capable of doing it:

So Diana might have disappointed you in the new games, but please don’t say she’s garbage.

She’s just way more than that :+1:



I think you’ve addressed it. I doubt the mass market audience IOI is trying to appeal to would appreciate a barely talking and mostly absent Diana. We may see it as mysterious, but others will see it as bland. We may see her current state as verbose and an irritating betrayal of her original character, whereas others will likely see her as dynamic and sassy. The series is evolving into a TV show-esque drama, and Diana is reflecting that change.

I like that 47 and Diana have a bond and a sense of camaraderie, a kind of mutual respect that has been built on through the games. But her personality has now become so bold and her dialogue so…smarmy, that it makes it difficult to take her seriously. In addition, her unneeded statements and moral commentary tend to drown out 47’s already scarce dialogue.

Less is more, and I think a simple fix for Diana would be to have her talking less and having her dialogue more conscientiously designed. Currently, her new personality makes her cheap and borderline arrogant, so I think it just needs to be toned down. But now that the new audience is accustomed to her as she is, would it seem alien to them to tone her down?



Well…that was until she decided to betray Providence in favor of whom Providence hired the ICA to kill…

But I myself will admit there’s still a lot to play for. We don’t have the conclusion to this story yet.

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Yes there is still a big chunk of her story to unfold on the next sequel and we better wait and see the ending before telling it was garbage :+1:

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She’s definetely not a garbage. She’s a handler. That means she’s 47th hands, brain, eyes and all of that.
Without her 47 would be a garbage. His work is to kill, but not to make a researches about tagets/possible targets. Without Diana 47 would have no work, or would be killing everyone. Or would be dead already. Because Diana tells him all the necessary info and guides him everywhere.
If she talks too much this is not makes her garbage.
Well, women themselves are talking too much, so you judge them garbage only because they can’t stop talking? This is dumb reason.
In my opinion those who call Diana garbage doesn’t know her real role. Worth learning then

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No. The problem is the tone people think they want in this franchise.

“Lone Gunslinger. No Friends.”


“The A-Team Yay.”

And any combination in between.

This is why it’s hard to get this right. Just think of how many types of 47 exist in our minds.



I don’t know if I’m in the overall minority here but I’m actually digging having Diana as a more present character with her own story and background. Her on-the-spot intel can be pretty useful when first learning a level and helps to provide an air of you being on an actual “mission” to kill someone.



I dunno, 46, 48. Something like that.



Actually, now that I’m seeing parts of it again, maybe they’re molding Diana more into Marcella from GROSSE POINTE BLANK

They even look similar.

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Never heard of it before!
Looks good :smile:

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