Why did 47 cut his barcode?

I have been thinking about it and there just doesn’t seem to be any definite explanation. Some refer it to him leaving the agency. Since right before he did it He said that he couldn’t be part of “this” anymore. Following the scandal regarding the cloning experiments that Travis’es division was indulging into and the sensitivity of 47 regarding this matter.
But It just doesn’t make sense. What does the barcode have to do with anything?
I think it was just something random the developers did to confuse people like me.

To change his appearance, because he was being chased by the Police, Dexter Ind. and ICA.

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I don’t think so. In one of the cut-scenes the detective chasing 47 was complaining about the fact that no one can describe the suspect more elaborate than being bald and having a tattoo on his head. Or maybe you are right and it is a plot hole we are facing

Because he got drunk and when you’re drunk you make stupid mistakes


Yeah but I don’t recall him being drunk. The drinking part of that cut scene was cut from the game. Was there a glass of scotch on the table?

He didn’t even cut the barcode completely off. He just cut the barcode with a single slice in half.

Well, the only rational assumption I have is, that the delevopers just played too much Max Payne III and tried to be just as “cool”.


If I remember correctly yes it was. Any way. Its was much better the story that Dexter cut it off

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No scotch, nothing.

It hurts my heart seeing 47 drunk. I hate drunk people.




What a disgusting image, lawl!


The most prominent part of his character getting cut by a clown ass cowboy. Also that kind of skin cutting can not be properly restored or rejuvenated. Unless he goes to a hospital so they would cut skin from other parts of his body and stick it there so it can be restored. Then he would have to renew the tattoo. So glad it got dropped off.
And he also cuts it entirely off which is a different story. I would punch my monitor if I saw that in the game. How can you remove such a prominent thing in his character like that? If some badass fuck did it it would be kinda ok but this disgusting shit faced character? No ty

NOO! WHY? why i have to see this picture again?

So we haven’t reached any conclusion and I am guessing that we aren’t going to.

Well it is a bit weird, because it seemed to symbolise him rejecting the Agency and deciding he wasn’t going to be involved with them anymore “I can’t be a part of this anymore” but the barcode had nothing to do with the Agency at all.

I don’t know if he thought cutting it was somehow a rejection of genetic experimentation, a rejection of who he was as a born killer, and that cutting it was symbolic of his desire to move away from what he was and ensure Victoria can do the same.

Except he doesn’t move away from what he was. At the end of the game, he goes back to the Agency, goes back to contract killing, and his barcode is still clearly visible and the cut is almost healed.

So, long story short, I’m confused as to what his motivations were supposed to be.


I guess it’s symbolic, he doesn’t want to be involved with people who experiments on little kids and what not. Which is weird, because the Agency had nothing at all to do with his barcode.

I’m surprised by how bad IO wanted the barcode gone though, even going as far as just removing the whole thing like in that artwork. I think they couldn’t come up with a reasonable explanation for its removal so they just had 47 cut it for no apparent reason.

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I’m wondering if maybe its removal did originally make sense, as we know they chopped and changed the story a lot before deciding on the final version.

For example, you can that his barcode has already been cut when 47 is standing with Victoria, threatening her at gunpoint after setting the car on fire – but that scene is placed early in the game before he cuts it at all.

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Wow I didn’t noticed that. Despite having beaten the game a couple of times.

The model used in that cutscene is the one with the new suit as well, from the last part of the game. So my guess is that they remade that cutscene and simply just used the wrong model.

Could have something to do with the removal of the scene where 47 shoots Travis’ hand. I’m also wondering why that was even cut.

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