Why do I lose SA when sniping from other side of the map

When I use the ghost sniper rifle and kill targets I lose my sa rank and the npc’s know my location .

is this on colorado?

You won’t get awarded with the Silent Assassin raring when a body that was killed by a sniper gets found, but it does work for Sniper Assassin if that is what you mean.
When you shoot soneone who has guards around them, they will notice the shot and they will run to the location the shot came from. If you hide or change place then you won’t get spotted and after “searching” status is over then you won’t get spotted anymore. If you stay at tve same place then you will get compromised and you will lose “Never Spotted”, so Sniper Assassin will not be granted if that happens.

This only happens when your kill was noticed.


In the Colorado mission at the watertower gaurds always see you sniping from that location even if no one is around those targets .

I guess you’re trying to do Sniper Assassin in Freedom Fighter.
The targets are surrounded so it’s very likely that when you kill a target, a yellow “bullet noticed” will pop-up. That means someone noticed the bullet and they will be running to the area the bullet came from. So staying at the same place when they are running towards you will get you spotted, but if you hide before they see you then you’re fine and you shouldn’t be spotted. Just don’t get spotted until “searching” is over.

If this isn’t what is happening in your case then record a video and share it because otherwise it’s hard to tell what the issue is.

Water tower has been glitched since Colorado came out on H2016. Just try to avoid sniping from there.


My bullets are never heard I always hit the Target in the head . I had a issue with the exploding phone too when Rose is killed by it I lose my sa too

A body being found dead by Explosive Phone will not grant you SA since it’s not an explosion accident.

You should turn on the Silent Assassin tracker from the game options so you can see if you have SA or not.

I have the tracker on

I do know that a lot of people complained about the water tower in the Colorado location but my memory is that I got the “Sniper Assassin” challenge from that location. Shoot one, hide, wait until everyone’s gone away, repeat three times.

Do you mean the exploding watch? That should could as an accident.

I honestly hate how arbitrary the body found condition is for SA for all these different methods. In my opinion, they should just scrap that one off the SA conditions and instead implement more heightened security or more enforcers whenever a body is found.

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Yes let’s completely ignore one of the most important aspects in the rating system included in every single game since H2:SA

Yes because bodies being found always totally nullified your silent assassin rating prior to H2016, right?

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So why does it need to be scrapped from the rating completely? Do you read your own messages?

Maybe you should replay the games from H2:SA so you’ll get it.

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It’s not glitched though it does appear IOI have placed detection penalties over certain obvious sniper nests (you get the same penalty for example at the Clock Tower in Sapienza).

However, there are less obvious spaces where the opposite can occur and a Jaeger 7 Lancer blast goes undetected.

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In my opinion, this would make the game extremely easy. You could just kill anyone you want any way you want. As long the kill itself is not noticed you always have SA. And more enforcers or guards at that place don’t matter as the remaining targets are usually somewhere else anyway.


There is a mechanic where Guards can vector trace a shooter’s position if they are standing over a shooting victim when they died. (Think: ARKHAM games Batman Detective Mode) If you stand around in a spot with clear line of sight to a Guard that is performing a vector trace you can be caught.

Again this is like that thing Batman can do in ARKHAM games. If they saw the victim’s death as it happened they can trace the bullet back to its source from the impact wound to your location.

This is a VISUAL detection. Nothing to do with Sound which is another topic entirely.

Logic dictates that if this Guard/s line of sight to you is blocked then they won’t be able to deduce your location.

This creates a set of guidelines to nailing that perfect Sniper Shot:

  1. Use oblique angles or shoot a Target through an opening such that a vector trace would fail.

  2. Mask the Sound or the Event of the shot with a Distraction. This means using an explosive before you take the shot or using a “909” spot.

  3. When in doubt, be prepared to take your shot and duck away, relocate, or change out of your current disguise.

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I did try both the electric phone and exploring phone on ros with the electric it is a accident kill and the other I lost my sa as for sniping I only use the ghost 300 the issue is a gaurds sees me from nowhere . Even if I ok all three on the door a gaurds sees me with x Ray vision.

The watch took my sa as well and whitecreek I failed restarted mission and got searched for right away . That was very funny because I was in the cut screen