Why do people do Hitman Speed Runs?


Not trying to be a dick here, I just genuinely don’t understand the concept: what type of satisfaction do you guys get from doing speedruns?

Hitman 2 Speedruns

You have either got brass balls or you have lost your fucking mind.


For me, it’s about the competitive aspect of the game, and the extreme fun of finding creative ways to eliminate your target in the best route possible.


There are many and diverse reasons for speed running - but as general intro material YouTube funny guy HBomberguy did a fairly broad introduction focusing on different games:

But having watched this Hitman Community since there was Hitman communities I think the Hitman community tends towards enjoying finding ways to manipulate the system purely because every Hitman level is a complicated series and options, so it’s fun for them to find all non-conventional ways to optimize while aiming for an objectively smaller time.

I remember it didn’t initially take off with Codename 47 but when Silent Assassin added the unforgiving scoresheet with the time on it people who’d finished the game started discussing ways to fudge factors that couldn’t be met via the regular route.



For fun man, always good to approach an assassination in different ways, and surely being in and out in very little time has its advantages?


While I will not argue that there is a correct and incorrect way to play the game, as each person can play however they want, I will argue that there is a point and/or purpose to choosing to play a game like Hitman. The people who choose speed run play as their usual method, and not just an occasional self-challenge, are missing the point/purpose of playing Hitman. I would argue that defining oneself as a speed run Hitman player, and playing it on that basis, would be like playing Grand Theft Auto because you like the romantic relationships of the protagonist; the whole point just went 50 feet over your head.

Again, I’m not arguing against speed runs in and of themselves as something to do once in a while when you’re bored, but if you’re planning your next Elusive Target strategy or new map attempt with speed runs in mind, you’ve kind of gone off-track.


There are two types of hitman players, those that pick up every single item or object they see ‘in case’ it comes in handy later on the mission, and those that have a plan.

Speedrunning is not about ‘rushing’ through the game or ignoring finer details. it’s usually the result of mastering a game.


… Then there are those with a plan, but can’t help themselves from picking every item up, even though the “just in case” will never arrive.


Is a competition game…


I’ve mastered the game and still don’t do speed runs. The fun is in playing the game out perfectly and knowing you can take your sweet time and just enjoy the ambience, because you’ve got this, no question. Rushing through it in a speed run just sounds like someone treating it as any game where getting through it quickly nets some reward or enables bragging rights. Not the point of Hitman.


Not a perfect analogy, but the best I’ve head yet. :+1:

I do both. I go in with a plan, but plans can fall to shit. You can’t have too many wrenches.

Yeah there’s also that :joy: OCD is a bit part of my Hitman experience :joy:


I thinks it’s just the concept of finishing Absolution before the rating system ruins your day, but I could be wrong :confused:


The game awards you more points for less time, similar to racing games, it’s the competition for best time. It becomes a challenge, and it creates a lot of creativity on it’s way, and it’s cool and satisfying to see how fast things can be done.


Personally, I have found that hitman is better when you take the game slower and get into the assassin’s mindset.


To me, it comes down to satisfaction. What I mean by that is when you replay the same mission numerous times, trying to find all the details, tools you need to use, entrances and exits, where the guards are and what routes they take, etc. Once you have all that down, and you create the perfect route to take through the mission where you just go through it without even thinking about it, you kind of get into this “flow state” if you will, where everything just flows seamlessly, from one moment to the next. It is so satisfying, and really makes you feel like a pro, at least in my mind. I used to do the same thing in Splinter Cell Chaos Theory.


I’m not what I’d call a proper speed-runner but do try to see if I can get good scores. Part of the problem with the amount of detail in the game is that although I’d love to spend the time listening to every conversation, my personal situation prevents me from spending as much time as I’d like to find every last detail in the game. One thing I can do to continue the game is spend an hour working on a strategy and trying to make it work to improve the score I already have, it’s a way of keeping the game interesting. I move from map to map depending on what my worst score is so I keep it varied. New content helps, ideas from others helps.


I am not myself a speedrunner, but I enjoy watching their work and seeing their knowledge of game mechanics put to use in such a way.


I’m guessing the answer leans towards “cuz they want to.”

I am not a speedrunner, but I do not wanna be on a mission all day. Lately my SLOW runs are still under 10 minutes and I used to average like 15-20 in HITMAN.


How can this even be discussed? It should be obvious that the point is to spend hours to build a rube goldberg machine!