Why do people do Hitman Speed Runs?


You do seem to try to emulate such things, don’t you?! I just don’t have the time (or the imagination) to figure out the insanity you manage to create but it’s highly entertaining to watch. So I have to content myself with trying to get a top 10 score when I can!


To quote Orson… OR-SON…

“stick to what ya know” if you enjoy speedrunning–Speedrun. If you enjoy taking your time and role play–role play :wink:

There is absolutely no “wrong” way to play Hitman. If you successfully eliminated the target and achieved SA and had fun, that’s all that matters.



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There is no wrong way to play HITMAN… but the two most popular ways are demonstrated quite well by Tom Cruise…

There’s Role-Playing…where the idea is to do things with an emphasis on style, tension, and clever solutions, utilizing gadgetry, and even the occasional explosion of violence.

Then there’s Speed-Running, where the idea of neatness isn’t always present… replaced with quickness and aggressive exploitation of vulnerabilities and taking what is perceived as 47’s limited physicality to extraordinary levels of speed and execution. This is again… amply demonstrated by Tom Cruise…

The conclusion is the guys are all just trying to be Tom Cruise… :stuck_out_tongue:
And the girls just like seeing 47 move like Tom Cruise. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ugh, eww. No. God no.
Don’t wanna any mental equations between that scary weirdo and 47 :laughing:


What is 47 if not a good looking scary weirdo? Hahaha. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s 100% also in speedrunning. You shouldn’t comment on something you don’t know anything about, tbh, bud. Not even sure how you can come up with that conclusion, either. :man_shrugging:


well the keyword there is emphasis… besides “style” is in the eye of the beholder. It’s that old “walk all the way or run” debate.

personally, I prefer walking in HITMAN and only run if absolutely necessary. That’s my style. Obviously there is also something very slick about being able to run and evade everything like some kind of ninja.

But these things are relative. What I meant to say is that speedrunning is rarely about what looks good, but it’s definitely also very cool and very smooth - which is to say it’s another version of what looks good. :slight_smile:


Exactly. It’s when you learn and memorize things, that’s when things gets fun, and you can become creative and come into a flow. For example, in a racing game you can learn and memorize a track, and the fun part is to try to race this track as creative and smooth as possible to get a clean and spotless outcome.

Same thing for Hitman, when you learn the levels, and where all the targets are, and all the trigger points, and where all the tools and weapons are, the fun part begins with trying to find your own way to kill your targets by just walking or running from point A to B, and do everything as smooth and neat as possible without any interference, very similar to a choreographic fighting scene in a movie for example. Everything just goes in one.


I like the puzzle-solving aspects of Hitman, taking it slow or taking it fast. I don’t like dependence on too many events requiring sub-second timing in a run. It is too OCD for me. It lends itself to fixate on all those slightly random stuff, like NPC head-turning. I don’t like to fight with the game, but rather enjoy the experience.

My most enjoyable moments in Hitman are where I am stuck and I figure it out, liberally taking a lot of time to do it.

I went back and tried to get top ten rankings in HITMAN2016 feature contracts last year. Challenging, repeating over and over optimizing timing of actions with a plan. It became more about timing and reaction time than about puzzle-solving for me, and less enjoyable.


Well that depends on the player/run. Speedrunning isn’t only about time and you’re confusing what it actually means (which technically you’re right) compared to what ELSE it can mean. It can also be something like an all accidents run or some self imposed challenge but you do it in a speedrunning manner. So it may be a slower run by time but the player wanted to do a specific stylish run and do it as fast as possible.

Also it has to do with the contract and what can be applied. Speedrunning, if it’s based purely on time, then depending on the actual contract, a good 3 targets sniped can be the best looking solution as well because finding that one spot and taking out targets like that for SA is an amazing feeling, just like how JohnnyAxx sniped The Politician. So although the “emphasis” isn’t aimed at “style” (which we agree is all in the eye of the beholder anyways), it can come with it naturally, and a lot of the times it does.


I guess I disagree here, to me you’re describing something entirely different than speedrunning - style running. Your definition of speedrunning - at least to me - has been so broadened, that it could encompass anything - which loses the primary definition & focus of speedrunning: playing the game as efficiently as possible.

Hitman’s openness allows so many different approaches to gameplay. It doesn’t have to be only about speedrunning.


Speedrunning has always been part of videogames.

Lots of other videogames also have an impressive speedrunning community able to incredible techniques in real time.

It’s a fascinating way of finishing a level by exploiting all mechanics in an unexpected way :+1:

That’s not my cup of tea on Hitman games, as i prefer do things slower, but it’s fun to run through a mission from time to time :smiley:


Why do people play “Punch out” blindfolded?


When five known conditions for the rating of a silent assassin are met, only one criterion for increasing the rating remains - high speed. Thus, the developers themselves have recognized the speedrun.


cuz it’s fun


I wonder that too, there’s a lot of goddamn content (I know speedrunners have to play a lot of Hitman to learn it’s bugs, tricks etc.) and you choose “I must kill target and exit ASAP”. But people’s play style of Hitman ain’t my bussiness so I respect them.

I prefer roleplaying, I wish IO port “Hero of Santa Fortuna” challenge to every map.


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