Why do some many of you hate Absolution?

I simply do not get it, I still make and play contracts almost daily.

The graphics are amazing and after all this time I still truly enjoy it, the only thing that bugs me
is that you cannot make contracts with more then 3 targets and there are no levels in single player
that encourage assault instead of stealth.

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It’s really a matter of opinion. I loved it, but it’s definitely a departure from the rest of the series in a number of ways, though a return to it’s roots in others. Regarding assault playstyles not being encouraged, however, Hitman has historically punished players for being loud. The first game wouldn’t even let you progress if you gunned down everyone in a level, regardless of if you completed your objectives.


Killjoke on the old forums gave good reasons why.

I’m putting the post here:

Read more here: http://archive.hitmanforum.com/index.php/topic/58817-why-do-people-seem-to-hate-hitman-absolution-so-much/?p=1602412


I wouldn’t say I hate it, but the biggest reason I strongly dislike it is that the game was so narrowly focused on serving a story, and the story was godawful.

The linear levels and the gratuitous amount of sneaking would not have bothered me if I had felt, at any time, invested in what was going on. “Tubeway Torpedo” is a linear mission largely based in cover-sneaking, and I love it. But the story, characters, and locations in Absolution were so off-putting that I didn’t want anything to do with them.

The few sandbox assassination levels were not compelling because the targets were all arbitrary and seemed shoehorned in for their own sake. The guys in Hope and the scientists in the factory… 47 just decides “THESE MEN NEED TO DIE. THEY KNOW ABOUT VICTORIA.”

You might argue that the older Hitman games were weak on story as well, and they were, but at least the missions had clear motivation behind them. We need to kill the Fuchs brothers because they’re planning nuclear terrorism. We need to kill the Don because he kidnapped 47’s friend. We need to kill the Hugh Hefner guy because he’s blackmailing a governor. All good reasons to care about what’s going on. Absolution gave me very little reason to care about what was going on, and it sacrificed so much in its effort.


I never cared much about story telling in a game, the majority suck. The reason why I like it is the
graphics and weapons.

I hate to admit the point system is very idiotic and there should have always been a two way street
on this.

I think this may explain why you find it hard to understand why people hate the game. I am diametrically opposed to you in the sense that i do not really care about the graphics and weapons at all. I can’t speak on behalf of all Hitman fans, but I care about the gameplay, specifically the stealth and social stealth mechanics, and the atmosphere of the game.

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was the stealth aspect too hard for you?

I quite like Hitman: Absolution. In fact I find myself enjoying it more as time passes, but I think it’s been made pretty clear by people what they disliked about the game. I guess I understand people who dislike the game based on these points because I agree with most of the points to at least some degree (some points less than others).

  • Mostly checkpointed relatively linear levels instead of open sprawling sandbox ones.
    I loved the classic Hitman missions that were in the game (not many), and even one or two of the more linear ones, but I mostly agree on this point,

  • Loads of checkpoints/levels without targets where the point is just to “get to the next door”.
    I mostly agree on this point.

  • The impression that disguise gameplay had been broken and you instead was forced to sneak around.
    I agree the disguise gameplay sort of missed the mark, but don’t think that you are “forced to sneak around” in most of the levels (though I’m sure you are in some of them). I agree the disguise gameplay needs to be changed/improved for the next game, but don’t want to see it regress to the systems of previous games.

  • Didn’t like the story.
    I partially agree. It contains some massive logical flaws, like how Blake Dexter is motivated by a briefcase of cash when he’s clearly rich already (runs his own gun manufacturing companty and lives in an expensive Chicago penthouse).
    The whole Detective Cosmo Faulkner part of the story also seems completely pointless (probably because a lot of it was cut for some reason).

  • Found that 47 was out of character in the story.
    I partially agree. 47 does seem a bit too much on the soft side in the game. I still believe he would do the same basic things for the same basic reasons though, so it’s a close one.

I’m sure there’s more points, but those are pretty prevalent.


Not at all, but I didn’t find it enjoyable, immersive, or intuitive.

Tell us something, @Kdominus: have you played any hitman game before Absolution? If you didn’t, go try out Blood Money, and you will realise the this: the consensus around here is not that Absolution is a bad game, is that Absolution is not a real Hitman game.

Speaking as someone who got the top score in all the missions in Absolution (Purist + Perfect ratings), there’s no doubt Hitman: Absolution is a very hard and challenging game, the problem is not its difficulty, but in how it portrays that difficulty. Sticking to cover from cover trying not to be seen by people even when you have a disguise is not Hitman, it’s Splinter Cell.


that is what I hate about it, there is no assault option to finish a mission. I mean you can kill everyone on some maps if you’re careful that is until you receive the “back up arrived” warning
and want to smash your controller into the wall.

I never played splinter cell :slight_smile:

Basically what NoWitnesses said but I’m going to express it a bit differently. The stealth is not too hard, it’s the wrong type of stealth. The previous titles have been all about social stealth; blending into your environment and tricking the enemy into thinking you’re one of them. This was not the case in Absolution. It encouraged you to stay in cover and sneak past every obstacle. In the previous titles you avoided getting caught by relying on your own “instinct”: you tried to avoid being too close to guards and not act suspiciously when in disguise. In Absolution there’s this meter that tells you “okay, we’re gonna spot you because we’ve seen you long enough unless you hold this one button and walk past us”. In my opinion that’s not how the mechanic should work at all. I’d regress to the way it was in SA/Contracts and start improving it from there as I feel the basis of the system was the best in that one.

Now, I don’t hate Absolution either, but one major point (that has already been mentioned) why I like it way less than all the previous titles is the linearity. Anymore I wasn’t free to scout the area and pick my own route towards the problem. I had to follow a hallway, watch a cutscene and then follow another hallway. I think the game is as linear as it is because of the emphasis of the story, and the story was so important because IOI was told “it has to tie to the second crappy movie some idiot is making” (Note: this is only speculation and might not be true at all). I remember reading at some point that the 2nd movie and the game then known as “Hitman 5” would come out pretty simultaneously. Well that didn’t happen but I’m sure the movie affected Absolution in some ways.

So to summarize I think we (“the many”) expected it to be more loyal to the previous titles and not be so radical about changes. I often feel when I’m writing critically about Absolution that I’m that one guy on the forum who always hates everything new and doesn’t want any progression to happen simply because “the old is the best make more of it” -attitude. I try not to be that guy but in this case I find myself so close to that person it’s scary. There is alot of room for improvement in the Hitman series but in Absolution it went the wrong way in some cases.


Why the hell would you want to play a Hitman game guns blazing!? Don’t tell me you haven’t played any of the previous titles (BM excluded)!

I have played all of them, just feel both options would be nice :smile:

Sometimes its just fun. I do that often.

It’s fun to do it that way too when you want to.

I hope i haven’t taken you out of context to badly here . But i don’t really like your reasons for liking the game.
And i think the way they have designed the game is to enhance the game for people like you. To a certian degree.

Most true fans had problems with it. I had massive problems with it. Ill attempt to name some for you.

The game was designed for (in my opinion) people who are (and,or) stupid, casual gamers, adolescent, easyly impressed by action films., easily impressed by cinematic moments,easily impressed by swear words, stoner comedy, attractive women. ect. None of these things are that great. And i kind of like to think, i see through it at the time i see it, kind of like a facade.

The game abandoned the idea of being a hitman and preforming hits/contracts.
But instead focused on a bad storyline, and all the tasks that 47 did were focused around it.
You may of been indifferent because, im guessing, you like shooting heeps of people. And not much else.

The natural evolution of graphics does not impress me. To the degree it does to some.

Shooting large proportions of people, i find to be boring, and unrealistic.

The game is immature.
“Hey lets have the hulk in the game!”
“Wouldn’t that kind of be unrealistic?”
“Ok, how about large Mexican hulk”
That was kind of a lame jokes. Sorry.

The game is influenced by the popularity of superheroes.

There is a large Mexican Hulk. You can snap his neck in a cage fight in a very cartoonie fashion.

The Saints are wearing superhero/villain sexualized latex costumes that represent nuns.
No one has > (canon) given any explanation as to why they have done this. Its very unbelievable.
I know why the game makers did it. And it angers me that they went down this path.

The game is sexualized. Being over obsessed with this is immature.

Dianna betrays the agency. When you see her for the first time, she is far younger than we expected. Thats is also immature. After you kill her, she comes back to life.

The game is targeted for very young males.

Some have said its sexist.

Slow motion action sequences. I’m not that easily impressed. I’m not shallow.

Victoria has a necklace that has magic to keep her alive. ( Im being sarcastic, theirs a science fictional reason, but still. Its pretty stupid)

47 has batman vision. Yes, Batman. The superhero.

The game is dumbed down.

The stealth/fighting felt like Brothers in Arms Hells hightway and grand theft auto.
Allso Splinter cell (never actually played it but its mentiond) It could of been a city tomb raider. I think it felt like uncharted.
Very bad for me because i hate shooting games. I find them boring, And over all its concept was pretty much on par with all the rest of the block buster junk.

The game featured constant profanity. That annoys me because it shouldn’t impress you. We aren’t little kids here.

Did i mention the villains are horrible?

Im probably not the best person to ask, because my hatred for the game is extreme. You will find many opinions. It abandoned the original concept.
But my main argument is that its “Stupid”.
Stupid all most to the point of ideology. If i could go that far. I believe they wanted the game to be a “certain way.” That way is in my view stupid. So in that sense, i strongly believe they set out to make a stupid game. I believe they succeeded. And i believe it worked in there benefit.

Oh yea 2 more things.

Its Americanized.

Disguises is now like this. (from memory)
You wear a disguise. However any one will see through it. But you have a magic bar. (like a health bar)
You push a botten to “spend the bar”. It enacts a protection device. ( kind of like becoming invisible, except it last a very short time) When you run out of “magic”(so2speak) the disguise is blown. Another words the protection device fails because you ran out of points.
( i recall stupid things replenish it, head shots ect")

Therefore the only way to use disguise in a semi realistic fashion is on the easiest difficulty.

I don’t pretend this to be well written or a great argument. Im just writing things that pop into my mind. Im in a rush, and im sure im missed things.
But thats a few of my reasons.

You can read this. The reasons get better, the closer you get to 1.Some of the reasons are minor but wth


I don´t think someone hate the game… I took it as a watching a good actor in the shity movie :smiley: 47 was in it just for money :smiley: Developers said to him? This time you will be emotional -What?..hm…You know my terms. Cash on the nail… He was the only one who made his job in that game :slight_smile:

na, in fact they didn’t call him. With no explanation what so ever. He thought he was fired, and no one called him. He had to bitch on the internet about it.
Im not surprised he was upset.

But yea, i see what your saying. Wish we could all have a laugh about it.