Why Does Helen West kill?


I find Helen West one of the most interesting NPCs in the game. She is the woman in Whittleton Creek that bakes blueberry muffins to the neighborhood. She seems to be a kind woman giving back to her community but she is a serial killer who has jars of human body parts and torture tools in her basement. I followed her around to see if I can learn more clues about her. I only heard her have two noteworthy conversations. She talks about the robe she sewn to her employee and on the phone to Janus.

But the most fascinating convo I heard is when she goes down to the basement and mentions how she murdered Frank Schmidt (she has the key to his house that is for sale in the mission) and how she is planning on killing the plumber. (If you sell the Schmidt house as the agent, the plumber tells Agent 47 that he is going over to Helen’s house. Does he actually go and does anything happen?)

I heard that Helen West talks about being in prison for one year and someone said that she talks to Janus about her secret recipe and how she uses human brains in her muffins. Does anyone know how I would trigger these conversations?

But my biggest question is her motive for killing Schmidt and others ever revealed? Does she kill because she thinks it makes her muffins taste better or is it related to Janus? (If you go to the room where Frank died in the Schmidt house, Diana mentions that he was connected to Janus)

I find it fun to speculate about her. She is definitely one of the creepiest NPCs in the game. While we are on the subject, is it ever revealed who the Wilsons are? The Wilsons are the family hosting the BBQ party in Whittelton Creek. Many of the people at the party talk about how something is off about the Wilsons. When the neighbors ask them questions, they also give a very vague answer like they are hiding something. I think they are spies working for Cassidy. What do you guys think?


idk about Helen, but the female Wilson is writing the Cassandra Snow novels


Not Cassandra Snow novels. It’s another novel series, heavily implied to be the Hitman universe’s version of Fifty Shades of Grey. Which makes sense, considering that Cassandra Snow is a parody of Twilight and other teen novels.

As for Helen: She talks about how she enjoyed killing animals as kid. So she’s just a good old psychopath.


Do we know it is the wife writing them, is there something confirming it? I don’t know exactly why, but somehow i think that it’s the husband writting and the wife is the brain behind the business side of things. (Just based on the vibe of them and because it would be also a nice reversion.)


Yeah, the Cassandra Snow series are written by Craig Black “the Author”, right?


Yes it was written by Craig Black. At least until he tragically passed away when he slipped and fell into a very sharp pen. :grin:

But a news report in Nightcall also mentioned a new Cassandra Snow movie not based on any of his novels. So maybe someone else has taken over? A publisher wouldn’t let such a lucrative franchise go to waste.


if you get rid of Gunther, Janus will eventually go to Helen’s house and they will talk


I am curious. Where and when does Helen go when she talks about torturing animals? Does she talk about that in her basement? I guess I need to follow Helen more often. I am going to also see what happens when the plumber goes over to Helen’s. I will also try to get Helen to meet up with Janus. So if I get rid of the bodyguard, Janus will go to Helen’s? So it’s not necessary to put a muffin on Janus’ plate?


It’s not necessary. I remember the conversation between her and Janus revealed the animal torture thing. So if you wish to hear that, just get rid of Gunther. Janus will eventually visit her place.


I thought it was the husband too. I could’ve misheard, but I thought I overheard two NPC’s talk about it in his study.


There is no reason, Helen West is a dyed-in-the-wool psychopath. She has no reason other than she takes some form of gratification from it.


It’s actually her husband who writes monster romance novels under the pen name Georgette Delaney :slight_smile:


She’s more a sociopath than a psychopath i’d say :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm I would say that since she cares for Janus, greives over Schmidt’s death, her business (that includes the experiments) and hell even her neighbours that is what makes the distinction. Only just though, just barely


Yeah making her a sociopath. Allthough i guess it doesn’t really matter


Doesn’t she also have a phone conversation with Janus about the robe and about how “You would have made a good Soviet citizen?”

I thought at the moment she might have also been a KGB assassin in a Kill Bill Tarantino-esque crazy assassin way.


From her conversation with Janus in her house, she says that Schmidt “wasn’t supposed to die.” Does she actually intend to kill victims? Maybe she is seeking power or some perverse type of domination?


Garden variety violent psychopath.

Superficially charming, adept in manipulation and subterfuge, and lacking in empathy for her victims - although some small measure of remorse is noted in the subject. It is important to distinguish them from non-violent psychopaths, who do not commit crimes, but are not represented in the mainstream media and so are synonymous with serial killings regardless.

Subject displays maladaptive cognition stemming from an escalating scale of covert violence beginning with the abuse of animals, and resulting in a dysmorphic justification towards the murder of her neighbours. And while her culinary pursuits are not likely to have been her primary motivation, it likely is now that she has taken on a fascination with the hobby. This compulsive behaviour is ironically nurtured by her neighbours, in their encouragement of her ‘baking’.

Subject fits the marauder-style category of serial offending, basing her machinations in a central location (the basement of her home in Whilmington Creek). There are indications that their pattern of violence will not stop of its own accord, paths of burnout and stimulus regression are not present. Expect to see further activity in the next 6-12 months.

The subject’s method of homicide seems largely unclear, along with their initial motivation. Trying to determine an original motive based on similar examples of perversion, gratification, or subconscious conflict would at this point, be premature, due to a lack of information on the subject’s psychopathology.
Their portrayed persona as an innocuous housewife may have played a part in gaining the trust of their victims. While female serial killers have been known in the research literature to opt for poisons and third-party killings, the compulsive and potentially cannabalistic nature of this one suggests a more violent method of homicide.
It is worthy of note that despite early experiences of animal abuse that have likely progressed onto humans, the subject has implied a period of time where they stopped offending altogether. This period has recently elapsed, with the subject expressing that their is no point in ‘hiding [their] true nature’. This indicates the presence of an effective long-term motivator in the cessation of violence, which has not been maintained. Cognitive distortions regarding the subject’s ultimate self and theory of mind are also to be considered, along with the possibility of a victim and/or adventurer-style offender narrative.

Subject displays strong social intelligence, moderate levels of patience, and a near-perfected pattern of offending that has allowed them to commit multiple homicides without being prosecuted.


Jeez that was five times longer than my retort.:joy: Did you read the police report?

So here is an abridgement. She is a cut-and-dry psycho killer. You better run run run. Run run away!


We should do an actual report on Helen, like if a detective who have studied her!


Just without the ICA stoff :smile: