Why Does Helen West kill?


The briefing for the third ET

“Good Mourning 47. Your target today is a former Chicago PD Detective turned private eye named Cosmo Faulkner. After suffering a nervous brake-down investigating the case of the legendary “Hitman” he retired to the state of Vermont where he has turned to private investigation. You client a resident of Whittleton Creek has asked that you terminate him before he identifies the killer. I will leave you to prepare.”


I wasn’t aware of a police report. I was just going off of observation from the level.

In addition, there was a serial killing duo in the UK called West.


It is a joke about the long and overly detailed description of the two profiles. Cassidy says the same thing to 47 if he shows the room Schmidt died in since 47 goes into a long and detailed description of the murder.


Ah yes, I missed a beat. It would be nice to get someone from IOI to enlighten us on the motivations behind West, but I suspect they were just going for the usual basement psychopathic serial killer trope.


Well it is not a trope if there literally are hundreds of people who do it. But Helen states that she has an overwhelming desire to do it out of a sense of idle curiosity if her “origin story” (for lack of a better term) is to be believed.


GIANT character spoiler below.

Not explicitly. To me, Helen is a bit of a tragic figure. She grew up with violent desires and took them out on animals as a child but eventually managed to repress those urges. One day, however, she gets arrested for some tax irregularity and gets sentenced to time in prison. But rather than going to a nice cozy prison, she’s mistakenly sent to a hardcore prison where she experiences, well, bad things. This reignites her old desires and so one day she decides to act them out - but not with the intention of killing. She poisons Schmidt but is unaware of his allergies and the poison causes a violent bleeding, which ends up killing Schmidt. It’s a course she’s been on before - poisoning people to see what happened - but now that she’s gotten away with murder, something inside her wants to explore that further still. Helen probably has some feelings for Janus - she’s certainly sad that she killed Schmidt, whom Janus seemed to like. She’s basically a budding serial killer being adopted by Janus.


I had decided to dedicate a video to the interesting character, Helen West. Looking for a suitable place to post it I’ve just discovered this thread. It appears that I’ve managed to accurately capture her backstory, @Nick_IO. Once again, you guys never cease to amaze me with how much work goes into developing these side characters. Thank you for all the amazing work you do that would go unnoticed by so many! :+1:

The Dark Side of Helen West

Whether or not you haven’t yet discovered the depth of her character, I hope you enjoy this video.


This is just what I have been waiting for :grinning: Thank you very much for this fine work!


I felt so special that Nick replied to this thread. I just thought that Helen West killed for Janus because they seem close and Frank Schmidt was connected to him. I thought that maybe I was missing some important dialogue. Her story is quite interesting.

I am also wondering who are the Wilsons and what are they trying to hide?


That is the thing. The Wilsons are hiding absolutely nothing. Aside from one of the family members being an best-selling author. It is a little joke IO have played.


If you start outside the Wilson’s house you will find a couple standing on the front porch. Listen to their conversation as you follow them around the house. I think you’ll enjoy the ride. :wink:


I followed them the entire way on one of my playthroughs. It is fun enough but i was really sad that there is no opportunity related to the wilsons’ money/writing thing at all. It seems like they wanted to make a cool story with a cool kill opportunity but ditched it before release


No, actually that wild goose chase was entirely intentional. We had the thought to plant the idea that maybe these guys were suspect somehow, working for a foreign government or something like that, but in actually the thing they were hiding was pretty mundane but you’d need to go on a bit of a tour to find out (e.g. following the nosy couple around).


Seems to me like a nod towards Serial mom. Its a movie about an average Suburban Mother who kills many people in her neighborhood for fun.


I actually get that. Them being a red hering and not a lazy oversight makes me appreciate the level so much more… Also, i guess I fell for it lol


Good work with the video, its great how much depth and story they put into a minor character. I’m glad to finally see the meeting between Janus and Helen, I could never get it to trigger


How do you trigger their meeting?


They said you have to get rid of Gunther (bodyguard for Janus) although I tried that and waited a while but he didn’t head over to Helen’s.


Someone asked that same question on my YouTube channel after I posted the dialogue video. This is the answer I gave. I hope it helps.

If you complete the “Elderly Assistance” challenge, then he will go to visit Helen; visiting Helen is the final part of the challenge. It’s all about doing things that make him happy.

  1. Disguise as gardener and speak to bodyguard who patrols along the back of the house. Be careful because one of them is an enforcer. Block all the mole holes in the garden (I used 6 muffins from the muffin stand near where you start; there are 8 there in total) and this will allow Janus to go for a sleep in the garden.
  2. Place a muffin on the plate in the kitchen for him to eat.
  3. Pour a glass of tea (machine on the other table near the muffin plate).
  4. Knock out his bodyguard, hide the body, take the cigarettes he drops, and place them on the table near where Janus uses his oxygen. He will smoke them.
  5. Go to the river where the nurse is feeding ducks and when he is feeding them - you must see them swimming in the river nearby - throw an object into the pond at them to scare them away. This causes him to go to see Janus and do an examination.
  6. Finally turn on the gramophone in the front room upstairs. This triggers a memory and causes him to go to the basement.

I don’t know if you need to do them all or if you need to do them in that order, but he will eventually go next door.


For the “Elderly Assistance” challenge it’s not required to do the steps in order. Janus did go to Helen’s house after I completed all the steps to trigger the challenge when I did it yesterday.