Why doesn't the Black Lilly have the aiming capability of the Silverballer?

The impression of the Black Lilly is that it’s a reskin of the Silverballer but it doesn’t have the better aiming capability. Seems wrong. Hardly game-breaking but, well, you know . . .

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As of the last patch, it does. I believe all semi-auto ICA19 pistols have improved accuracy and crosshairs. A side effect of this was the Silverballer losing the manual use of Steady Aim.

I still have to test this more, though.

Bumping my question now the patch has reapplied it for the Silverballer but not applied it to the Black Lilly. This still seems like an oversight; adding to the idea that is looks the same (grip etc) it was also originally marketed as “Blackballer”.


Perhaps the silver baller (which was modelled after the AMT hardballer) has adjustible rear sights and the black Lilly has fixed sights. The AMT does indeed have adjustible rear sights IRL and there are a wide variety of 1911 clones that have the original GI sights or some new and improved fixed sight setup.

Thanks for replying. The thing is it’s the only pistol that looks exactly the same as the Silverballer. The sights on all of them look exactly the same as far as I can tell. It just looks like it is a reskin of the Silverballer and should have the same capabilities. As mentioned, not a major problem.

I’m sure they copy/pasted both the in game model and the loadout image and then made some changes rather than recreated them from scratch. You’d have to be really close to a 1911 (like within 2 feet) to notice if the back sights weee adjustible or not but having adjustible rear sights does make the weapon easier to be precise (assuming you take the time to zero them in). The fixed sights are generally much cheaper and are used by police and military units or a civilian who buys the weapon for home protection. Fixed sights on a 1911 are simpler to use and easier to maintain. You’re kinda admitting that you don’t need to fire the weapon at a range of more than 10 yards. You see the adjustibles on competition models, long slides, and on other setups designed for better accuracy.

Sad to see that one of the best Hitman guns gets nothing but a simple black skin.

No steady aim, no particular design, just another gun in a list.

Too bad since it’s a Collector’s Edition reward :frowning:


As mentioned, it just looks like it should have the aiming. Actually as I’m banging on about it I’d better have a look at how the two behave, I haven’t played much since the last patch and have mainly used the Krugermeier 2-2.

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Yes make it at same level as Silverballer at least (Silencer + Steady Aim) and maybe a better looking than just a reskin of the same weapon again and again…

I’m okay with the reskin, myself, it is a reskin of the Silverballer, the only one that is, except for the silly sticker version.

i thought all ICA19s function identically in HITMAN 2?

Yes except the Silverballer which has the precise aim feature. The point here is the Blackballer, as the Black Lilly was originally marketed, looks identical to the Silverballer except for the colour (got the grip, in other words, that sets apart the Silverballer from the others) and with that name I think should have the precise aim feature, too. While I think I’m being autistic about this (no flaming please - I am autistic), meaning I’m going on about it, I am surprised no-one else has mentioned it.

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I’m ok with the reskin too. It’s a 1911 clone. Hundreds of companies have made this weapon over the years… and they all look the same bc they are basically all the same. So it makes sense. I do wish we had a couple other options, but any pistol collection worth looking at will have more than one 1911 and 47 has always loved his ballers, so it makes sense he has a couple other 1911 clones laying around.