Why don't I see some of my deluxe rewards?

Recently I bought HITMAN 3 Deluxe Edition through the epic games store. I have redeemed my music, the book and I have the commentary start, however I don’t have the deluxe suits and items nor the trinity pack. Is there a way to redeem them?

Can you see Deluxe items in your Career → Inventory category?

Hello, Yolo. The deluxe suits, briefcases, and guns are all part of deluxe escalations’ unlocks. You will need to play them to obtain the suits, and complete them to get the rest. The trinity pack is a pre-order bonus, so if you didn’t pre-order the game, there’s currently no way to purchase them. I hope this answer your questions. :slightly_smiling_face:


No I can’t. (20 chars)

See the message from YellowZR1 above


Hmmm, I just found this image online:

it clearly says that the trinity pack is a part of the deluxe edition. I also remember seeing it when the game first launched in the epic games. Maybe the trinity pack is no longer available for hitman 3?

The Trinity Pack is a preorder bonus. It is only included in the Deluxe version when you preorder the Deluxe. It is gone for now. The image is outdated.


Here’s the updated image on hitman.com/global/buy/ :