Why dont targets defend themselves!?

They just run away once they have no guards. And they dont defend themselves they dont use any weapons or the environment, they just run every single time. If big bad dide he runs away ? I thought were suppose take out the bad guys here, but none of the bad guys are acting bad, they just run away? Please fix this

They feel so helpless.


Interesting. Maya Parvati, The Maelstrom and The Target In Whittleton Creek That Isn’t Janus are definitely ones who would start shooting back. Some others maybe (Sean Rose, Ezra Berg, Alma Reynard).


Hard to script. Many unanswered questions in game design. That’s why.


I feel like Janus might try to stab you or something. He may be old but that doesn’t make him defenseless.

Speaking of which, a melee combat system similar to the unarmed system would be cool. Could involve knives or small blunt weapons. (It might be hard to script too though.)


But in season one, one of the ps4 exclusive targets was able to do so. So its something thats even in the game already.


Yup, I bring this up every time I see this argument. I mean I agree with it but at least we have one target who fights back, it just sucks it’s only for PS4 players (which I am one of but still.)

Now, I don’t think ALL targets we have should have been armed or fight back. But ones that should have (off the top of my head) are

  • General Reza Zaydan
  • Sean Rose
  • Maya Parvati
  • The Maelstrom
  • Rico Delgado
  • Nolan Cassidy

For Sure!!

I mean, remember that punk Lenny from Absolution? Haha even “limp dick” was armed :rofl:


And he was broken af.


That was a regular guard AI, maybe like main target bodyguards. Not as fancy as being requested here. :wink:


If all you are asking for is for the target to shoot a gun it has been done. Last game had it.

I enjoyed it actually, they also threw in another mechanic I haven’t seen since which was having the guards and the target come after you if you got too close, all being super enforcers.

I too would like them to try that again, with improvements.

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They don’t need to defend cause in the lore 47 never gets found (I’m talking from Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2 (2018) not the old titles) nor any attention. That’s why he’s the Silent assassin “[who] defines the art, and the art defines [him]”


That would be true if this is a movie, but the player can do whatever wanted and then it is a valid question to fill that idea too. :wink:


I can’t claim that I know how the game works under the hood. But I would imagine that part of the reason is that A.I. is pretty complicated this time around. There are few A.I. archetypes but they all have relatively complex relationships between each other which probably makes this system somewhat inflexible.

I hope that we’ll eventually get an overhauled A.I. with more archetypes but until then we’ll have to make do with what we have.

Also, people keep mentioning Zaydan among the targets that should protect themselves and I just don’t get it. There’s literally an opportunity based on the fact that he’s a poser that never been in the actual combat.


And in Shaving Lenny he ran away when you pulled out a gun. Giving him the dubious honor of being the only armed target, who ran away instead of fighting back. :grin:

(Yes Skurky ran away, too, but he he only appeared in cut scenes until you cornered him in the church. So he doesn’t count for me.)


In Absolution, even old scientist with prosthetic leg fights back and can finish 47 with few punches :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok, true. BUT… he also fought back (when the opportunity presented itself) and pulled out his own gun. That’s my point.

Edit: oh you said Shaving Lenny, my fault :sweat_smile:

But still, in End of the Road he did fight back (if 47 didn’t chase him.)

Also, since we’re on the subject; who remembers in BM when regular civilians would shoot at 47 if a gun was near?

Ahh, back when people in Hitman had balls!

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I’m going to guess this really boils down to a game design decision. I haven’t played other Hitmans in quite a while, but I don’t ever remember the combat being as punishing as it is in Hitman/Hitman 2. This time around, 47’s really prone to death, so having targets defend themselves in a clutch could be much more annoying and frustrating than it’s been in the past where you could just pretty much tank it. And generally, Hitman really went in a more “action adventure” type of gameplay - with a lot of contextual stuff - than a third-person shooter it was previously. I think targets not defending themselves is kind of a good thing.


I disagree. Don’t get me wrong, I personally much prefer the “Silent Assassin” approach, but like @Urben said, Hitman is the type of game that can be played either way, so I think having some targets armed would be a nice touch, especially for those who like to run and gun it.

That being said, again— I don’t think all targets should fight back, not all targets personalities are like that. Plus it’s not like all targets in the past fought back either. To name a few that didn’t

  • Campbell Sturrock
  • Odon Kovacs
  • Frantz Fuchs
  • Charlie Sidjan

I just think we should have a couple that DO. So what if they only shoot back like regular guards would. That’s the point. Just to stand their ground and return fire.


Obviously, but its still better than nothing. Also, HITMAN 2 has alot of “better than nothing”.

That would make the game alot better. Overall, the lack of inventions is something I really hope they do in hitman 3 and ongoing, because after all, hitman 1 has a good reason to repeat the same content again and again. Its the first act for a 3 part adventure. But hitman 2, and especally hitman 3 should have something new on the plate. We have ghost mode, we have sniper assassin, and while they are fun, a few new ways to approach things wouldnt hurt. And with the legacy dlcs, hell, we would have old and new in one package. I still have hopes for hitman 3


I know one of the Sarajevo Six missions had the target use an assault rifle, but I imagine they did a lot of things under the hood to make that work (he has incredibly odd behavior amongst any target in these games, wherein he follows you if he sees you)


Well, if something would be welcomed, if npcs would starting defend themselves, like in Blood Money…