Why don't we have the ability to delete our created contracts?


Anybody ever heard of the reason why we can’t do this? Has it ever been mentioned before? I don’t understand why we can’t delete our contracts that we create. It would not only help with sorting out the contracts we prefer to keep, but also it would save space on the servers (if that’s what happens).

Has anyone ever requested this before? Or has it ever been mentioned?

What if we report our contracts as “broken” under the report system? Would they consider it spam and get us in trouble or anything? Cuz I’d like to delete at least 20 of my old contracts that don’t really makes sense anymore since patches have made them obsolete or not as interesting anymore.


To be honest, I guess they dont care that much. Contracts should not take much space, some hundret KBs maybe, even with the scores included. I would also like to delete stupid contracts I made. Hell fixing typos in the briefing would be a start.


I would really like this, and the balulity to edit contract briefings post-creation. Far too many times(well, 3 times) I’ve had to remake a contract because I forgot to change the title.


A delete option would be useful just so Contracts mode isn’t spammed with the same shit over and over when new episodes are released when contracts are created for challenges that cannot be completed within the Story Mode missions.

People would create, play, delete.


Probably to prevent people from deleting contracts, because of someone beating their time or something. Not like anyone would care about it.


I think it may have something to do with their servers and public leaderboards, but that’s all I could surmise with my limited knowledge of the subject.


Really hope they eventually let us do it, really annoying have my test and older contracts in there. And it would help on seeing more contracts that are not just the 1001th created to complete a challenge.


Yeah, I’ve made some contracts that are either pointless or way too easy after all those changes they’ve made in the game. Would be nice to get rid of those so I don’t have “Oh look, I made that crap” echoing in my head when I go through them.

I think adding a Tag System (with the ability to feature, show and hide contracts with certain tags) and making it essential to add a “Challenge” tag to your contract if it’s about completing a challenge would help the most.
We can already search by level, kill method and so on, is it really that hard to add some tags?


I agree we need this. I made a test contract that didnt go as planned and i wanted to delete it and i couldnt. Its now just a shit contract that stays there lonely by itself.


Yeah, once you publish a contract, it belongs to the world. There might already be people playing it and enjoying it and vying for leaderboard spots. It is no longer up to you to deny that fun to them.

What the game needs is a way for authors to play and test contracts without publishing them. Not a way to delete published contracts.


Ok. That’s cool and all, but then if i can’t delete it off the server, at least let me delete it out of “my contracts” tab.

I actually prefer that than deleting them from the world. I just want to clean up “my contracts” more than anything. It’s quite a mess.


I can relate to that. I often go in and find a random contract to play. If I like it then I might end up playing it for a couple of hours trying to get a really good time. I might then upload my best run you YouTube with the contract ID so others can play it.

Ain’t that the truth. I’ve got so much rubbish in My Contracts that it makes it hard to find the ones I really like.

A good compromise might be to have a “draft” tab where your contracts go after being created. You can play them yourself and you’re given the option to Edit Details, Delete, or Publish. However, once it is published it becomes permanent.


I wouldn’t mind my contracts folder being so cluttered if I could also have a Showcase folder of my best contracts. And then let us look up other authors so we can see their Showcase folders. (I currently use my Favorites folder for this purpose, but I assume that’s not the intended use of that feature.)


It’s still not possible right?


Honestly I feel it was just a leftover from Absolution, IIRC you couldn’t do it there too.


I want to do this to my old “Testing Opal’s Game” contract in the Final Test. I didn’t want anyone else to play this untitled, unfinished contract.

I also have a duplicate of one of the levels in my escalation that was impossible to do with the complications I put. I have two contracts with the EXACT same name, and the EXACT same targets. I don’t want anyone to play the impossible one.